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XGear Banshee Tempered Glass Screen Protector For iPhone 5

Brand: XGear USA

Product Code: For iPhone 5

$29.00 Ex Tax: $26.36

This ultra-clear and ultra-thin screen protector will keep your iPhone looking new. Doing things that a regular PET film screen protector cannot do, the Banshee resists scratching and keeps your screen free of fingerprints and smudges. Our shatter-proof design keeps both you and your screen safe from cuts and scratches. When suffered major damage, the screen protector will crack and not shatter much like a car's windshield. Banshee applies easily and cleanly leaving no air bubbles. An ultra-hard surface protects your screen from sharp objects and resists scratching from keys and other sharp objects. With a thickness of .4mm and a hardness of 8H, the Banshee is one tough and resilient piece of glass. A special coating keeps contaminants such as fingerprints, oil, and grease extremely minimal and creates an easy to clean surface that can be simply wiped clean in one pass.


  • Surface hardness of 8H (with the hardest being 10H) keeps scratches non-existent
  • Thickness of .4mm allows you to maintain a slim and sleek profile
  • Special coating that resists oily residue from staying on the screen
  • Beveled edge keeps you safe from cracked & chipped edges
  • At 55mm wide, the Banshee is compatible with most popular cases
  • Ultra-Clear design with no dots

Includes 2 Aluminum Home Buttons (1 Silver, 1 Black)
Compatible with the iPhone 5 (AT&T, Sprint & Verizon).

* Please note that this is a glass product, though stronger than normal glass the edges still remain vulnerable. It is recommended that a case be used in addition to your protector to help protector it from cracks and chips.
* Though designed to not be removed and reapplied, you can still remove your protector for alignment readjustment or reuse. This is not recommended as the adhesive will lose strength and should only be done if needed.

This ultra-clear and ultra-thin screen protector will keep your iPhone looking new. Doing things tha..
$29.00 Ex Tax: $26.36
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