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Product Code: OPPO R11s

$599.00 Ex Tax: $544.55

Clear photos at anytime, 
day or night

The OPPO R11s uses 20MP+16MP rear cameras, a large dual f/1.7 aperture, which 
enhances picture quality in any environment, day or night. In dark 
environments, the 20MP camera will intelligently synthesise 2.0µm pixels and 
four times the photosensitive area, so that it can also capture and brighten the 
face even when shooting in the night to create more defined portraits.

 Ultra-wide full screen

Broaden your view

With a large 6.01 inch display and ultra-high 85.8% screen ratio, when the new 
18:9 full screen is activated, everything comes to life, giving you an 
immersive experience. While the whole view is 12.5% broader than the normal 16:9 
screen, the OPPO R11s feels thin and comfortable in your hand, making it 
easy to grip and use.

Strong, Seamless 

The OPPO R11s houses a Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 processor, 4GB RAM and ultra large 64GB ROM, allowing for smooth multitasking and seamless switching between different apps. With a built-in Wi-Fi amplifier and 4G signal amplifier, the R11s allows for a more fluid internet experience.

Five minutes 
two hours 
talking time

Powerful technology designed for busy lifestyles. OPPO VOOC 
flash charge is an innovative solution to the battery longevity 
issues experiences by other smartphone users. At low 
temperature and voltage, the charging process is fast and safe 
plus you can continue to use your smartphone during flash charge. 
Presently, more than 75 million OPPO smartphones have been 
equipped with the VOOC flash charge technology.

All New ColorOS 3.2

Faster than ever

The new ColorOS upgrade optimises 64 scenarios which are commonly 
experienced by users. At the same time, many functions were added to 
make it easier to use the device. These included functions to turn on 
two apps at the same time, split screen for apps, eye protection mode, 
accelerated games, and the kid space. 
This mobile experience is now more convenient and fluid than ever.

Clear photos at anytime,  day or nightThe OPPO R11s uses 20MP+16MP rear cameras, a large dua..
$599.00 Ex Tax: $544.55
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