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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions:

Can I change my order once placed?

Yes, you can change your selection before the order is picked up for dispatch, if a customer wants any amendments then it needs to be notified within 24 hours of ordering otherwise it will be shipped as per the initial order info.

Do you have all phones in stock, and can I buy them in your physical store?
Are Phonebot Phones unlocked?
Can I change my delivery address?
Can I send someone to pick a device for me?
Do you send photos of every device?
Do we have brand-new devices?
Do the refurbished products offer good services?
Which products do you offer?
Are the phones affordable?
Can I purchase a device at Phonebot’s physical store?
What is your client service hour?
Is Phonebot an Australia Company?
What do I do if the device I bought isn’t compatible with Aussie carriers?
What Do I Do if My Address Changes?
What Types of Phones Do You Stock?
Do you offer trade-ins?


Does Phonebot have a return policy for defective products?
How Does Your Warranty Work?
Do you offer a warranty on all products?
How do I make a warranty claim?
How long does it take to process a refund?
How long does it take to process a replacement?
What is Phonebot’s '7 Days Change of Mind' policy for in-store and online purchases?


How secure is your payment?
What payment methods do you accept?


How long does shipping take, and is it free?
What if my parcel is lost in transit?
Can Phonebot ship overseas?
How long can I check my shipping status?

Repairs and Returns:

Do you offer walk-in repairs?
How Do You Handle Repair and Warranty Claim Follow-Ups?
What if the product is faulty?
What if repair and replacement are not possible within a reasonable timeframe?
What is the warranty period in case of repair or replacement?
What products/purchases do not qualify for a change of mind policy?

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