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Phones Grading

Phonebot guarantees peace of mind. We don't want you to purchase from us once, we want you to be back with friends and family. Our product categories include a minimum 6 month warranty unless stated otherwise. Our refurbished handsets come in these grades

Open Box

These are the new handsets with no signs of use. The boxes are opened to inspect contents and might be missing an accessory or two. Will include charger and cable though.

Like New

These handsets are new and have no or very minimal signs of use. They're only refurbished to the extent of wiping data and cleaning with anti septic products. This product might come in generic packaging and includes charger and cable.


Best value for money. These handsets have some signs of wear and tear and have been refurbished with new batteries to comply with OEM guidelines and have a capacity of 85% or more. Tested for reliability these handsets are rated 9/10 and never disappoint. Also includes a charger and cable.


B Grade

These go for throw away prices quite literally! These handsets work 100% but don't look so good naked. Chuck on a cover and a tempered glass though and you'll be laughing! Cleaned, wiped and with new batteries above 80% these handsets are for people on tightest budgets and unbelievable value for money. Also includes charger and cable.