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Navig8r - Sportswatch S10 [Open Box]

Brand: Navig8r

Product Code: NAVWATCH-S10

$89.00 Ex Tax: $80.91


    The Navig8r Navwatch S10 is a GPS enabled watch allowing you to track your route for later review and monitor details such as waypoints, latitude / longitude, altitude, dual time zones, stopwatch, date and so on. It even knows where in the world you are so it can synchronise time with the GPS time... Imagine stepping off the plane in another country and having accurate to the second time automatically sync up. Great for atheletes, travellers, skiers or adverturers the Navwatch S10 is ruggeed enough to take anwhere. The Navwatch S10 connects to a PC with a USB dock and dedicated software. With the software you can choose to view your route / journey on Google Maps or view waypoint and segment data.

    You can also tag photos you may have taken along the way with GPS NMEA data so that others can see on a map where the photo was taken. Simply copy any photo you may have taken with a digital camera, smartphone or even a tablet PC on your journey and the software will match up the time and date of the photo to the time and date of your location which was recorded on the S10 watch. So now you dont need to remember where that great restaurant was or the location of a new picnic spot...take a photo of it, tag it and share it with your friends and family.

    The onboard direction indicator is a neat feature which can point to a preset waypoint (like your next destination) or you can simply mark your start point so that the pointer always points back to where you started - great for exploring new areas - never get lost again!

    Key Features

    Track, monitor and store vital statistics from your adventures or exercise

    Add a new dimension to your exercise and sporting experience. Ideal for walking, jogging, biking, hiking and skiing

    Monitor statistics such as coordinates, elevation, speed, trip logs and distance

    Bonus PC software suite. Connect, download and share your trip data using Google Maps, Flickr and Picasa

OverviewThe Navig8r Navwatch S10 is a GPS enabled watch allowing you to track your route for later r..
$89.00 Ex Tax: $80.91
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