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Asus ROG 3 Gaming Phone 5G Dual Sim (512GB) [Grade A]


Asus ROG 3 Gaming Phone 5G Dual Sim (512GB) [Grade A] Performance without compromises To achieve the best performance, it is not enough to use the best hardware available. ROG Phone 3 takes it further by granting the user PC-like control of the SoC, letting them overclock and increase the throttle limit for unprecedented performance with sustained high frame rate over time, or underclock for longer battery life and more comfortable skin temperature. All of this would not be possible without the efficient “GameCool 3” cooling system that moves heat out of the case for much lower temperatures. Supercharged visuals In gaming, milliseconds and accuracy matters more than anything. Therefore, ROG Phone 3 sports the fastest and most accurate display available. Better in every way compared to the previous generation. Non-Stop stamina The 6000mAh battery is bigger than in any other flagship phone. We wanted more but could not fit a bigger battery without increasing the size of the phone. Instead we implemented the most advanced battery customization options found in any phone. Giving full control with "Custom battery saving profiles" with detailed control of background apps and hardware. Increased "battery care options” like always slow charge & charging limiter. Making it possible to double the battery lifespan. Built for landscape use Most AAA games are designed to be played in landscape mode, which is why ROG Phone 3 continues to focus on providing the best Gaming ergonomics and tailored solutions for this type of games. It offers an ergonomic side-charging design, new AirTrigger 3 technology with twice as many gestures, dual front facing speakers, multi-antenna Wi-Fi and quad-mic noise-cancelling array. Not to mention the compact clip on AeroActive Cooler 3, which draws its power directly from the phone, making it easy and convenient to use on the go. The most immersive gaming experience No matter where you are, ROG Phone 3 aims to deliver the most immersive gaming experience possible. Focusing not only on visuals and performance but also on the audio, haptics and gaming peripherals such as the optional ROG Kunai 3 Gamepad and TwinView Dock 3 accessories. This review guide version for ROG Phone 3 is based on firmware – 17.0822.2005.7 Always check with your ASUS representative if any discrepancies are found between your review sample and this guide. 144Hz, 1ms AMOLED Display The 6.59” AMOLED panel with 10-bit HDR10+ support is not only colour accurate but faster and brighter than the previous generation. Lightning fast 144Hz refresh rate with 1ms response. The touch latency is now down to a record low 25ms with a 270Hz touch sampling rate. Eye comfort has also been considered as it has received TÜV Low Blue Light (Hardware Solution) and Flicker Reduced certifications. Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 865 Plus 5G Mobile Platform with UFS3.1 & up to 12GB RAM The 3.1 GHz high frequency CPU in the speed-binned Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 Plus Mobile Platform is accompanied by an overclocked Adreno 650 GPU that can deliver up to 10% better performance. Together with the fastest smartphone storage available (UFS3.1) and 12GB of RAM, you have the fastest Android phone ever built. A 6000mAh Monster battery ROG Phone 3 was designed from the get-go to be the same physical size as its predecessor - despite this, and the addition of the 5G modem and 5G-antennas, it still sports the biggest battery of any flagship phone – a whopping 6000mAh for all-day stamina. GameFX - Audio that engages The speakers have been upgraded. They now have 7 magnets for more power and less distortion. One of the speakers are slightly larger with an extra-long throw in order to play even deeper bass notes. However, the real boost in sound quality comes from our new partnership with Swedish company Dirac, which is one of, if not the best when it comes to digital signal processing. Their hard work is mainly appreciated in sophisticated home cinemas and some well know luxury car brands. Together we have achieved a wider, clearer and deeper sound that is truly remarkable. Latest “GameCool 3” Heat Dissipating System The 3rd generation of the cutting-edge GameCool system, features a 6X larger heatsink, redesigned 3D vapor chamber and a larger graphite film. It does not only spread the heat over a bigger surface like most phone cooling solutions, but also moves it outside, resulting in lower and more stable temperatures during long gaming sessions. AirTrigger 3 - Invisible ultrasonic buttons & Motion sensor trigger The touch sensitive Ultrasonic bumper/shoulder buttons with haptic feedback, can do more than ever with the AirTrigger 3 technology. Now supporting both sliding, swiping and the possibility to divide each button in two partitions for tapping. Resulting in up to four shoulder triggers. AirTrigger 3 also features a single shake to control on-screen input, giving you a total of 5 additional actions that are comfortable to use. AirTrigger 3 can be used even when not gaming. With a simple long- or short- “squeeze” in portrait mode you can activate customizable and useful actions. This review guide version for ROG Phone 3 is based on firmware – 17.0822.2005.7 Always check with your ASUS representative if any discrepancies are found between your review sample and this guide. Side-Mounted Ports Cannot stop gaming even though the battery is running low? Just put the USB-C charging cable in the Side-Mounted Port and it will not get in your way while gaming in landscape mode. It also works with USB-C to HDMI, USB-C headphones or the AeroActive Cooler 3.
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Asus Android Mobile Phones

ASUS mobile phone is a jaw-dropping variant in the mobile phone market due to its amazing affordable prices. It includes extraordinary modern designs with the featured software components installed to let you enjoy a seamless user experience.

These phones are rich with the most desired features. They offer a high-definition camera to capture the best moments of your life. Asus android mobile phones come with high processing speeds to let you enjoy the latest games. One of Asus's ROG phones comes with a resolution of 2160 @ 30fps to let the users enjoy their favourite videos and games in HD quality.

Most Asus phones offer a RAM of 8GB at a minimum as of 2022. It ensures that your phone never faces any glitches anytime you use them. They are compatible with 5G technology. They support Wi-Fi 6, and Bluetooth 5.1. They come with long-lasting and brilliant battery capacities, all in a compact footprint that fits your hand's palm.

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List Price for Asus Handset

Zenfone 8 - handset comes with extreme compactness and offers splendid performance. The incredible features include a 120Hz AMOLED display, 4000mAh long-lasting battery. A 64 Megapixel camera for unprecedented photos to capture the best moments of your life. These are only a few out of many mind-boggling features, and this all comes only at a price starting from $999.

ROG phone 5 - The Republic of Games, jam-packed with iconic gaming features, with a massive battery rating of 6000 mAh. Asus ROG phone 5 offers an incredibly responsive display of 144 Hz. Rich with such awe-inspiring features, ROG Phone 5 comes at a starting price of $1049 AUD.

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One of the key factors that set Asus mobile phones apart from the rest of the options is its gaming phones. The ROG range has no competitor when it comes to the support for GameFx audio systems. On the other hand, Zenfone has the edge over the competitors due to its startling camera.