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Motorola G9 Play Dual Sim (64GB) [Like New]


Motorola G9 Play Dual Sim (64GB) [Like New] Serious cameras. Stunning results Take sharper, brighter photos in any light thanks to the 48 MP sensor with Quad Pixel technology.* Capture beautifully blurred portraits using the depth sensor. And shoot incredibly detailed close-ups with the Macro camera. Get the picture in any lightWith Quad Pixel technology, all your shots come out sharp and bright—especially in low light. By combining four pixels into one large 1.6µm pixel, the 48 MP sensor delivers 4x the low-light sensitivity for better low-light performance.* There’s also a large f/1.7 aperture that lets in more light, so you get great results even when the lighting isn’t. Explore up closeFrom the wings on a bumblebee to the crystals on a snowflake, there’s a world waiting to be captured. The dedicated Macro Vision camera brings you 4x closer, so you see the details you’d miss with a standard lens. Keep your focus Put the focus entirely on the subject using the depth sensor. It works with the main camera to blur the background automatically. Or, go back later and blur it yourself. Either way, everyday photos become beautifully blurred portraits with accurate edges. Own the night Switch to Night Vision mode to bring more details out of the dark. You get bright, vivid photos with stunning clarity and more accurate colours. Even at night. Fuel up fastNeed a quick energy boost? TurboPower™ gives you hours of power in just minutes of charging. Supercharge your performanceWith a Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 662 octa-core 2.0 GHz processor, moto g9 play is super responsive—and super smart. Feel your phone respond instantly to every touch, tap, and swipe. Capture great photos automatically with smart AI capabilities powering the camera. And switch between multiple open apps without missing a beat thanks to 4 GB of memory. Stretch your viewBring your photos, movies, games, and video chats to life on an ultra-wide screen. The 6.5" Max Vision HD+ display gives you maximum viewing thanks to a 20:9 aspect ratio. With a bigger screen to body proportion, nothing gets in the way of your favourite entertainment. Store moreNever give storage a second thought. With 64 GB built in, you have plenty of room for photos, songs, and movies. And you can add up to 512 GB more using the microSD card slot. Help at your fingertipsAlways keep the Google Assistant within easy reach. Just press a dedicated button located on the side of your phone to enable voice control, and then ask the Google Assistant for answers. No need to type, tap, or swipe. Your fingerprint is your password Just one touch opens and unlocks your phone instantly. No passcodes. No worries. The fingerprint reader is discreetly located within the “batwing” logo on the back on the phone, so you hardly know it’s there. Water repellent. Worry proofNever let spills or splashes get in your way. Whether you’re going out for a drink or getting caught in a little rain, a water-repellent design keeps your phone protected inside and out.  Everyone looks their bestTake the perfect group photo in a single shot. The camera analyses your subjects and automatically captures a photo when everyone in the frame is smiling, based on a smile detection algorithm. Professional images. No heavy liftingGet a better photo without lifting a finger. When capturing a single person or a group of people, the camera recognizes potential improvements in composition and then automatically generates a second, optional image for you. Smarter pictures, scene by scene Powered by artificial intelligence, Shot Optimization selects the right mode or camera settings depending on your shooting scene, so you always get the perfect photo.   Polish your portraitsAdd a bokeh effect in the background for more professional-looking selfies and portraits. Make it popUse colour in a totally unique way with spot colour mode. Pick one colour to keep, and then turn everything else in the photo to black & white. Zoom in. Clear upAutomatically restore the details and clarity of an image that are typically lost with digital zooming.6 Bring photos to lifeBreak the boundaries of photo and video. Keep a portion of your shot in motion while freezing everything else for a unique effect. Timelapse with a twistShoot a timelapse video while in motion and smooth out all unwanted jerks, shakes and bounces thanks to post-capture stabilization.  
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