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S-Pen (Mobiles)



Samsung Galaxy Note 20 / Note 20 Ultra S Pen Stylus [Brand New] Unparalleled, S Pen Defines The Note Experience The Note 20 S Pen has been redesigned with the latest innovation to put more power at your fingertips. This is Samsung's most advanced S Pen yet. With an elegant, unibody design, it follows your movement enabling you to write, draw and control for longer   S Pen Is Now Your Remote Control Crafted with the latest design the S Pen can be used as a remote control turning your clicks into actions. This makes it the most powerful pen yet as with a click you can navigate a presentation, play and pause videos or snap a photo instantly.   Action Turn up the sound by gesturing up. Lower the sound by gesturing down — no need to touch the volume key. Flick left or right in the Gallery app to move to the next photo, or go back to the previous one. Move S Pen clockwise or counterclockwise to change the camera angle and capture a close-crop group shot or the whole scene.   Cutting Edge Technology Engineered with cutting edge technology, this Note 20 S Pen matches your movements allowing you to control your phone via simple gestures. The air actions give you intuitive control with a wave of your hand.   Control Your Galaxy Note 20 With Maximum Precision The smartest stylus on the market - the S Pen - compatible with the Samsung Galaxy Note 20. The new and improved S Pen allows you to be as creative as possible with your Galaxy Note 20 enabling you to get the best experience possible from your tablet.   Round End Stylus Won't Scratch or Damage Your Screen Making it impossible to scratch your screen during use, the round end of the stylus allows you to use it without the fear of causing any damage to your tablet.   Official Samsung Accessory This is an official Samsung product, so is made to the highest standards with the best quality materials. It is designed specifically for use with the Samsung Galaxy Note 20, so offers perfect compatibility, and does not impede the use of the touchscreen.
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