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Apple Watch Series 7

Apple Watch Series 7 in Australia available in Various Grades Depending on the Cosmetic Condition. Check Grading For More Info

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Refurbished Apple Watch Series 7 in Australia

The Apple Watch Series 7 came out last year in 2021. This series of Apple watches provided Apple iPhone users with an unrivalled experience of the seamless integration between the watchOS and the iOS software. The disadvantage here is that this feature would only be accessible to iPhone users though. Apple watches are in terms of looks and features above any ordinary digital watches out there.

The amount of work you can get done on a device you wear on your wrist instead of your iPhone is just amazing, a quality which makes the watch expensive as well. The simple option is for you to buy a refurbished Apple watch series 7 from Phonebot in Australia at a budget-friendlier cost.

Buy Series 7 Apple Watch:

Buying a series 7 apple watch in a low cost would be easy if you're considering getting it from the mentioned website. The quality and rate would be just to your taste. The Apple Watch Series 7 price in Australia costs around $629 AUD which is also the starting price for these watches on Phonebot. You can get the different sizes of the watch and the case variants as they are available on the website as well. So buy Apple watches from here at a low cost.

Apple Watch Series 7 Aluminium

The Apple Watch Series 7 includes an Aluminium case with GPS+ cellular connectivity. This watch also has two different display sizes to it, the 41mm display and the 45mm display. Each has its own pixel resolution. The GPS+ cellular connectivity allows you to make phone calls with your watch even if you don't have your phone. You can get this watch in the colours green, blue, midnight, starlight and (PRODUCT) red.

iWatch 7 Series Stainless Steel

The stainless steel model offers better materials. The material on this watch is much harder. The iwatch has many cool features to offer like you can set up 4G, sort your watch face etc. The stainless steel model comes in shades of Graphite (PVD), silver and Gold (PVD). This watch offers LTE and UMTS connectivity and only has GPS.

Apple Watch Edition Series 7 (Titanium)

The apple watch series 7 also has a titanium case offering two colours space black (DLC) and titanium. Also provides GPS connectivity to stay in touch with your friends and family with only your watch. The titanium model is light and strong and adds an elegant touch to your iwatch.

Used iWatch 7:

A used iwatch 7 doesn't seem like a bad idea, especially since the original watch is high rated already. Luckily Phonebot gives you the opportunity to purchase a used, refurbished or secondhand Apple Watch Series 7 at an affordable price and the quality is fine as well. You can even buy an Apple watch on sale for a further discounted price. So don't hesitate to buy this good-looking smartwatch.

iWatch 7 specifications:

  • Display/ Resolution: 45mm display with 1143 sq. mm display area and a 396-by-484 pixels resolution. 41mm display with a 904 sq. mm display area and a 352-by-430 pixels resolution.
  • Chip: W3 Apple wireless chip, U1 (ultra-wideband)
  • Processor: S7 with 64-bit dual-core processor
  • Power: Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery

Is it worth buying the Apple watch series 7 in 2024?

Definitely! The apple watch series 7 includes watches which are on a whole different level than your average normal watches. You get better connectivity than any other digital watch, you get a blood oxygen sensor with the blood oxygen app and a compass. The stylish design just adds a touch-up to your daily outfits. Go on a jog wearing the watch to track miles. Purchasing this watch now won't be too late so order yours from Phonebot.

Is the Apple watch series 7 waterproof?

The watch is water resistant instead of being called waterproof. Don't worry if your watch catches the rain or drops down in a puddle, the watch would still work well without any major harm to it. Don't go out drowning it in a river as that is unsafe for your iWatch and you as well. However, the watch will go on for years even after being exposed to a little bit of water.