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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it OK to buy a second hand Apple Watch?
Yes, it's okay to buy a second-hand Apple Watch, especially if it's from a reputable retailer like Phonebot. These watches have undergone thorough testing and certification to ensure they are in good working condition. Always check for warranties and return policies to ensure a safe purchase.
What is a refurbished Apple Watch?
A refurbished Apple Watch is a pre-owned watch that has been tested, certified, and restored to its original condition by experts. At Phonebot, all refurbished Apple Watches undergo rigorous checks to ensure they meet the highest standards.
How much can I save by buying a refurbished Apple Watch?
By opting for a refurbished Apple Watch from Phonebot, you can save significantly compared to purchasing a brand-new model. The exact savings can vary based on the model and condition of the watch, but rest assured you will still get the same functions that a brand new watch would give
Does a refurbished Apple Watch come with a warranty?
Yes, at Phonebot, every refurbished Apple Watch comes with up to 12 months warranty, ensuring you can buy with confidence and have support if needed.