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Apple iPhone X Price in Australia

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the iPhone X in Australia?
The iPhone X is priced between AU$400 to AU$550, offering one of the best prices in Australia at Phonebot.
Is it still okay to buy iPhone X?
Absolutely! The iPhone X offers a robust set of features and remains a popular choice for many. When purchasing from Phonebot, you're ensured quality and up to 12 months of warranty.
Does the iPhone X come with a warranty?
Yes, when you buy an iPhone X, it typically comes with up to 12 months of warranty. Phonebot ensures peace of mind with every purchase.
How does the iPhone X compare to newer iPhone models?
he iPhone X was groundbreaking during its launch and remains a solid choice. While newer models might offer advanced features, the iPhone X is a reliable choice, especially when considering its price range at Phonebot.