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Cheap iPads


Apple iPad Mini 16GB WiFi [Grade A]Get your Apple iPad Mini from Phonebot at affordable ra..
$149.00 Ex Tax: $135.45


Apple iPad Mini 16GB WiFi-Cellular [Grade A]Get your Apple iPad Mini from Phonebot at affo..
$169.00 Ex Tax: $153.64


Apple iPad 4th Gen 16GB WiFi Cellular [Grade A]The Retina display of The new iPad, with 2048-by-1536..
$199.00 $279.00 Ex Tax: $180.91


Apple iPad Mini 2 16GB WiFi-Cellular [Grade B]Capacity16GBSize and WeightWi-Fi + CellularHeight: 7.8..
$199.00 Ex Tax: $180.91


Apple iPad Mini 2 16GB WiFi-Cellular [Grade A]Capacity16GBSize and WeightWi-Fi + CellularHeight: 7.8..
$209.00 Ex Tax: $190.00


Apple iPad 4th Gen 32GB WiFi Cellular [Grade A] Size and Weight  Wi-Fi + Cellular Height: ..
$229.00 Ex Tax: $208.18


Apple iPad Mini 2 32GB WiFi [Grade A]Models Wi-Fi Capacity 32GB Size and Weight Wi-Fi..
$229.00 $289.00 Ex Tax: $208.18


Apple iPad Air 2 16GB WiFi Cellular [Grade B]Get your Apple iPad Air 2 16GB WiFi Cellular from ..
$269.00 Ex Tax: $244.55


Apple iPad 5th Gen 32GB WiFi [Grade B]Capacity Wi-Fi 32GB Size and Weight Wi-Fi Height: 9...
$299.00 Ex Tax: $271.82


Apple iPad Mini 3 128GB WiFi-Cellular [Grade A]Weight and dimensionsWi-FiHeight: 7.87 inches (200 mm..
$349.00 $439.00 Ex Tax: $317.27


Apple iPad Mini 4 128GB WiFi [Grade A]Buttons and ConnectorsBuilt‑in stereo speakersLightning connec..
$349.00 $459.00 Ex Tax: $317.27


Apple iPad 5th Gen 32GB WiFi-Cellular [Like New]CapacityWi-Fi + Cellular32GBSize and WeightWi-Fi + C..
$399.00 Ex Tax: $362.73


Apple iPad Mini 4 128GB WiFi Cellular [Grade A]Buttons and ConnectorsBuilt‑in stereo speakersLightni..
$399.00 $449.00 Ex Tax: $362.73


Apple iPad 6th Gen 32GB WiFi Cellular [Like New]Get your 6th generation Apple iPad from Phonebot at ..
$429.00 $479.00 Ex Tax: $390.00


Apple iPad Mini 4 128GB WiFi [Like New]Buttons and ConnectorsBuilt‑in stereo speakersLightning conne..
$429.00 $499.00 Ex Tax: $390.00


Apple iPad 8th Gen 32GB WiFi [Like New] Overview The new iPad. It’s your digital notebook, mobile ..
$499.00 Ex Tax: $453.64


Apple iPad Mini 5 256GB WiFi [Like New] Finish Space Gray Silver Gold Capacity 256GB ..
$549.00 Ex Tax: $499.09


Apple iPad Air 3rd Gen Wifi 64GB [Grade A] Finish Space Gray Silver Gold Capacity 64GB ..
$569.00 $629.00 Ex Tax: $517.27


Apple iPad 8th Gen 128GB WiFi [Like New] Overview The new iPad. It’s your digital notebook, mobile..
$579.00 $699.00 Ex Tax: $526.36


Apple iPad Pro 11'' 1st Gen 64GB WiFi [Grade A] 11-inch iPad Pro 64GB Released November 7, 2018 It..
$749.00 Ex Tax: $680.91

Buy Cheap iPads in Australia

People love refurbished iPads and the iPhone brand for their slick appearance, easy to use interface, and great performance. This is why they are a staple in many homes in the UK and beyond. If you are here, you have probably been thinking about acquiring an iPad. However, at a price of nearly or over $1000 AUD for a new iPad, these gadgets can be costly, even with variations in prices at different stores. It does not help that the company Apple does not offer considerable discounts. Despite all these impediments, you may be happy to know that you can still get a cheap iPad that works just as well as a new one and for a fraction of the price of a new one. Below, we tell you all you need to know about acquiring a cheap iPad in Australia.

Cheap iPad For Sale In Australia

Remember that just like other Apple products, iPads come with a hefty price on them. You can consider deals on tablets from other top brands that are not Apple. If you have decided that it is indeed an iPad that you want, you will want to consider different models to figure out which ones best suit your needs and budget. Below are some factors to consider:

What will you use your iPad for?

Before buying an iPad, think of where you would like it to be. Would you like to use it at home or will it be your faithful companion that goes everywhere with you? If you will be moving from one place to another with your iPad, it would be better to choose one with 4G connectivity. However, if the iPad will only be used at home, then the WiFi-only connectivity option would be better.

Remember, 4G-enabled iPads cost more than WiFi-only iPads. Many buyers prefer the WiFi-enabled models because many public areas across the nation provide free WiFi to view anything they want.

Data Usage

Different individuals utilize data differently and your consumption generally depends on how you use the iPad itself. Generally, there are three categories of users. Light users utilize 2GB or less of data monthly. Medium users have data needs that may go up to 5GB per month while heavy users utilize 10 or more GB of data monthly. If you are not sure of how much data you use and would like to know before buying, you can use apps from the App store to help you track your data usage. If your data usage is low, you may benefit from both models. However, if your data usage is high, you may prefer the WiFi models that utilize broadband. The choice remains yours at the end of the day.

Cheap iPad Pro

The very first Apple iPad Pro was launched all the way back in 2015 and it featured a 12.9-inch screen. These days you can find many cheap iPad Pros but you should always buy refurbished devices from a reputable retailer.

Cheap iPad Mini

There are many generations of cheap iPad Minis you can choose from. The iPad mini delivers the same premium experience but in a portable size. An iPad Mini 2 32gb is priced at $229 in Australia.

Buying WiFi Only iPads

WiFi-only iPads have limited variance in price. Since the company has strict price controls, the price of a model is almost the same everywhere and discounts are minimal. Cheap deals on iPads do not compromise on the basic features such as screen/display size, camera, and storage. If you are looking to buy WiFi-only iPads, you need to be keen to realize when there are vouchers or deals as these are often short-lived in different shops. The iPads we have varied storage and some are even the latest, popular brands.

Some of the popular WiFi only products you can pay for include:

iPad 9, 7 inches, 32GB

iPad Air 10, 5 inches, 64 GB

iPad Mini 5, 7.9 inches, 64 GB

iPad Pro 10, 5 inches, 64 GB

iPad Pro, 11 inches, 64 GB, bionic chip, retina display

iPad Pro 12, 9 inches, 64GB

iPad A12 Series with a bionic chip

These are among the cheapest WiFi-only iPads in the market with an equally good camera, screen and every other spec that you could possibly want in a phone. The prices, as mentioned above, may vary slightly from time to time and depending on the store where you buy your iPad from.

Buying an iPad with Mobile Internet Access

If you want a versatile iPad, you will need one that can accommodate both WiFi and 4G connectivity. There are many different deals that you can embrace including:

iPad with a Smarty sim card

This is a deal that is ideal if you can afford upfront data costs but your data consumption is low. Preferably, your data plan and tablet should be separate. Initially, the upfront cost would seem high, but it tapers off afterwards. An advantage of taking up this deal is that you can cancel it if something better comes up

iPad with a Three data bundle

This package deal is good for you if your data consumption is high and you do not have or want to pay cash upfront. Your contract will include a monthly data plan.

With this package, you will get the 32GB iPad with 10GB of data per month.

However, this is a more expensive option at the end of the day because you will only pay less upfront and higher monthly amounts that amount to higher total payments over the duration of the contract for whatever model.

Refurbished iPads from Apple

While these may not be as cheap as the offers we have outlined above, it is possible to find iPads refurbished by Apple on their website. They may not be the cheapest option in the market.

One big advantage of making use of any of Apple’s refurbished iPads is that they have a 12-month warranty just like new iPads. They also come with new packaging, accessories, battery, and manual. They are close to a new set in terms of video, colour, and other features. If you are keen on this option, you should shop by the department to see whether you can get what you need. It is best to keep checking the website as their stock keeps changing or subscribe to their newsletter so that you are aware of any new offers. Your preferred model might just become available in stock online.

Contact Us Today for Your Refurbished iPad Needs and the Best Deals

While all these options are available, you need to work with a reliable shop. We offer you an ideal ground for you to conveniently get the desired refurbished iPad that suits all your needs. Our wide variety of cheap iPads is ideal for any Apple lover. We test and grade the physical conditions of all the gadgets in our shop before displaying them online, which means our gadgets are fully functional and cheap. You can buy from us on credit and we can make further arrangements to ensure that you get whichever gadget you need. You will simply need to enter the category you want and put it in your shopping cart then continue to checkout. We have various delivery options that you can take advantage of every day after putting your items in the cart. We are passionate about bringing Apple’s latest technology to you at the best price possible at whichever postcode. You can also pay via PayPal or a bank account if you already have one. Reach out to us today to join us for an unforgettable deal.