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The Apple Airpod has been a much-hyped viral sensation for a long time for numerous reasons. However, every user mentions a drawback that involves its pricing and others. True, it may be pricey but it delivers a spectacular quality in terms of audio, design, and ease of use. And these are some of the many reasons people love and want to buy AirPods.

If the price tag is still bothering you, Phonebot brings you affordable Apple AirPods Australia with promising quality. Now, refurbished Apple AirPods may not pull your heartstrings but as you read on, you may want to think again before you say no to pre-owned Apple products. They offer up to 3 hours of talk time on a single charge. And they’re fully compatible with the Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Mac models running macOS Sierra. And if you're lucky you can get one in warranty. Apple has come a long way since the launch of the first Airpod and now they're supported on a wide range of devices ranging from iPad Air, iPad Mini or the iPad Pro.

It is a known fact that many users cringe at the thought of second-hand or cheap mobile phones /gadgets, the reason being a few companies deliver refurbished products with cosmetic defects. Phonebot has an assembly of techno-savvy enthusiasts who are committed to building and recreating quality electronics because we appreciate quality at affordable prices. With us, you are guaranteed to receive cheap AirPods in Australia that are as good as new; you will not know the difference.

Get To Know the Basics of Apple AirPods

Launched in the year 2016, they made it to the market with a bang. They are easily integrated with iPhones, MacBooks, iPads, and Apple Watch.

With a one-step setup, you have automatic access to Siri. Just say “Hey Siri” to play, change the song, and adjust the volume without having to manually control from your device.

Airpods: Connect them to any of your Apple devices with a single tap and immerse in the high-quality voice and audio quality. They know when you are listening to music and when you are on the phone. This means the optical sensors consolidate with the motion accelerometers to activate the microphone for phone calls and Siri commands. This feature allows them to automatically play the song when you put them in your ears.

Whenever you are on a call, the speech-detecting accelerometer focuses on your voice while terminating external sounds.

Airpods Pro: The upgraded version brings the noise-cancellation feature that reduces any unwanted sounds. To add more practicality, the audios transparency mode allows you to listen to background sounds that may be important, like the sound of an approaching car while you are taking a walk or riding a bike.

The Pro version comes with air vents that will reduce the pressure in your ears.


Users go for these for their impeccable audio quality, five hours of battery life, effortless connectivity, and ease of use among many other features. They can easily be paired with any mobile phone thanks to the watchOS 5.2, you can pick up or reject with a single or double tap and they offer water resistance but aren't completely waterproof. The best part, the Pro variants have active noise cancellation which greatly helps in noise cancelling.

How many times have you been frustrated over the slow connectivity of other Bluetooth headphones to your smartphone? You will hardly face this problem with these. Your iPhone will take no time to identify the device, hence proof of flawless integration.

The design is mesmerizing with its seamless contours and one cannot stop admiring the aesthetics of this masterpiece earphone.

Experience the AI mechanism in your ear as they pause when you pull them out. They are programmed to recognize contact with your ears.

The wireless concept gives you the comfort of running around without the hassle of cables on your face or finding tangled cable wires in your pocket. Charging the wireless earphones in its charging case offers both convenience and safe storage. And it can be charged through a lightning connector, same is the case with the 2nd generation. And they charge fairly quickly from 0 to 100 percent.


One cannot be careful all the time, which is why the first drawback is how it is so easy to misplace or lose the pieces. Being wireless, it is hard to keep track of these small phone accessories if you don’t place them in their charging case when not in use.

When it comes to the amount you have to pay for a pair of these, it goes without saying how pricey they are as compared to other leading earphones. Moreover, if you ever lose them, which is likely to happen, you have to cash out a heartbreaking amount to buy new ones.

How Is “Refurbished” Different From “Used”

To break it down to simple terms, note that all electronics are not necessarily refurbished but all refurbished items are electronic goods.

When you come across a second-hand device, you doubt why the price is so much lower than the new unlocked mobile phone when it has been used only for a month or less. This scepticism looms over the term “used” phones or AirPods.

Refurbished goods are sometimes used, but they are always remanufactured and reconditioned with minor fixes.

Sometimes the devices are returned because of unsatisfactory packaging or poor service. Whatever the reason, the goods are scrutinized and treated in detail to make them as good as new.

With used devices, some glitches still exist, but when it comes to refurbished items, their problems are corrected.

Why Refurbished Over New AirPods

There is always an inclination towards new goods as opposed to pre-owned ones. Every user wants to be the owner of a brand-new device so that puts refurbished companies in a tough spot of competition in the market.

There are reasons why reconditioned goods are practical. The team at Phonebot prepares Apple AirPods Australia with care and attention. We make sure they are as good as new. Any glitches detected are corrected meticulously without compromising the original quality.

The services and assistance provided at Phonebot will help you out and guide you to get your hands on the ideal Apple AirPods Australia that will not burn a hole in your pocket along with guaranteed quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much should AirPods really cost?
The cost of Apple AirPods can vary depending on the model, retailer, and whether they're brand new or refurbished. In Australia, prices can range widely, but for the best deals and genuine products, it's essential to purchase from a trusted retailer like Phonebot.
How long do AirPods last?
On a full charge, Apple AirPods can last up to 5 hours of listening time and up to 3 hours of talk time. With the charging case, you can get multiple charges, allowing for over 24 hours of listening time. However, like all rechargeable batteries, the capacity of the AirPods' battery will diminish over time, but with proper care, they should serve you well for several years.
How much is just 1 Airpod?
If you're looking to replace a single lost AirPod, the cost can be a fraction of a full set. Phonebot offers individual replacements, ensuring you don't have to purchase a whole new set. The exact price would depend on the AirPod's generation and condition, but rest assured that Phonebot aims to provide the most competitive prices in Australia.