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Best Value iPhone 8 Deals in Australia - Tips, Tricks and More

iphone 8

Are you fully aware of your phone’s potential? Have you recently bought or looking to buy iPhone 8 ? Having access to some of the essential phone hacks and accessories can help you considerably in making your life easier. If you’ve got yourself the iPhone 8, thanks to its price drop, you might be interested to learn some essential iPhone hacks.

In this article, we’ll be sharing you with some essential tips & tricks that will allow you to unlock your phone’s full potential. So, whether you’re planning to get it or already own one thanks to some great iPhone deals going on these days, this guide will help you in using your handset efficiently.

Essential Tips & Tricks for iPhone 8 in 2021

Now that it’s price has depreciated considerably, it’s possibly one of the best budget smartphone you can get right now. And chances are, you’re planning to get one as an upgrade from your older phone or simply want a cheap phone without compromising much on specs and features. Whatever your reason, the following hacks will allow you to make use of your handset to the fullest:

1. Hide Photos

Quite frankly, none of us like it when others use our phone, especially, if you have private photos. Thankfully, you can prevent others from viewing those photos by hiding them. Yes, Apple allows you to hide photos. You can do this by following these simple steps:

  • Open your photos app
  • Open the album that features the photo(s) you wish to hide
  • Above the right corner, you’ll find the select button. Tab on it
  • Select the picture(s) you wish to hide
  • At the left bottom, select the share button
  • You’ll find the “hide” option, tap on it
  • Finally, select hide photos

That’s it, quite simple right, folks? Read on to find more cool hacks. As Apple’s previous-gen Flagship’s price has dropped since the release of the latest iPhone, for those looking for a budget phone, now is the right time. Once you get yourself the iPhone 8, you can make use of these hacks for a better experience.

2. Set Custom Vibrations

You might have already set custom ringtones for specific contacts. However, it won’t be of use if your phone is in silent mode. Fortunately, you can use custom vibrations for particular contacts. You just have to follow these simple steps:

  • Go to settings
  • Select Sounds & Haptics
  • Select Ringtone
  • Next, tap on Vibration
  • Select Create New Vibration
  • By holding and tapping however you want, create a new vibration
  • Once done, tap the Stop button at the lower right corner
  • Select Save next at the upper right corner
  • Finally, you can name your vibration

Once you’re done creating your vibration, assign the vibration to certain contacts by following these simple steps:

  • Open Contacts
  • Select those contacts you wish to assign the vibrations
  • Select Edit
  • Tap on Vibration
  • Finally, choose the custom vibration you just created

3. Text Replacement

The iPhone 8, like every other Apple phone, features a text-replacement option. This eliminates the need to type a whole sentence or phrase. Use these simple steps to activate “Text Replacement” on your phone:

  • Go to Settings
  • Now, select General
  • Next, select Keyboard
  • Tap on Text Replacement
  • On the upper right corner, you’ll find “+”, tap on it
  • The Phrase field will pop up and there, you’ll have to type the phrase or word for creating a shortcut
  • In the Shortcut option, type the text you wish to replace with the phrase.
  • Now, select Save

Once you’re done, every time you enter the shortcut, it’ll get replaced by the sentence or phrase after hitting the space bar.

4. Save Battery

With the iPhone’s low power mode, you can minimize power consumption. By activating this mode, it’ll disable/reduce background app refresh, mail fetch, auto-downloads, and more.

5. Use Indoor Map

It also allows you to use indoor mapping for navigating your way around major shopping centers or malls. However, it’s limited, meaning you can use it in supported locations only.

6. Reply Notification

Waiting for a specific email response or a text from a specific contact means checking your phone every minute, which isn’t fun at all. Now you can set your phone to notify you. To do that, go to the messages you’ve received and select the Flag icon available at the lower left and choose “Notify Me.” Once you confirm, every time you receive a message from that person, you’ll be notified.

If you need the complete specifications of the phone, you can check out GSMArena from this link.

Final Say

These are some of the tips & tricks you can use on your iPhone 8. We hope that by keeping these tips in mind, you’ll be able to use your phone a bit better than you did before.

If you’re someone who’s looking for an affordable iPhone that offers decent specs with fewer compromises, then the iPhone 8 will serve you right. Also, since Apple released its new Flagships this year, the iPhone 8 price will likely drop. Alternatively, you can also go for a refurbished option or wait for our crazy sales as the price will be much lower.