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Apple iPhone XR Price in Australia

Released in October 2018, the iPhone XR revolutionized the iPhone scene forever with its innovative design. Five years on, its charm remains, especially considering the iPhone XR price in Australia.

This quick read will touch on the key features of the iPhone XR and explain why choosing Phonebot provides exceptional value.

Also, watch for the refurbished iPhone XR price available at Phonebot.

iPhone XR Pricing

Released in 2018, the new iPhone XR was priced at A$1,229 for the 64GB variant.

Fast forward to today, finding a new iPhone XR is like searching for a needle in a haystack. They're practically extinct! The iPhone XR is over four years old. Spending over A$1000 on it in 2024 would be a bad financial decision.

So, how can you purchase an iPhone XR at a low price? Going for refurbished iPhones is the absolute answer!

Refurbished models are the best options for scoring the iPhone XR at its lowest price in Australia. And it's not just about the savings – the perks like a 6 to 12-month free warranty and an unlocked device.

Let's look at the refurbished iPhone XR price in Australia from Phonebot.

Refurbished iPhone XR Price at Phonebot

  • iPhone XR 64GB - A$379 [Grade-A]
  • iPhone XR 64GB - A$409 [Like-New]
  • iPhone XR 128GB - A$379 [Grade-B]
  • iPhone XR 128GB - A$449 [Like-New]
  • iPhone XR 256GB - A$599 [Like-New]

The grading system ensures you know what you're getting, from the ones that look and feel brand new to those with a few scars.

Why buy an iPhone XR from Phonebot?

Phonebot's unbeatable prices make us your top destination for scoring a fantastic deal on a like-new iPhone XR. Not only do we offer pocket-friendly iPhone XR prices in Australia, but we also back our devices with warranties for peace of mind.

And that's not all – you can sweeten the deal with discounted accessories available as add-ons when you purchase your iPhone. Plus, you'll find a range of refurbished iPhones, unlocked iPhone XR models in all colours, and storage options waiting for you. Shop smart, shop Phonebot!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the iPhone XR cost in Australia?
The iPhone XR price in Australia can vary depending on factors like storage capacity and condition (new or refurbished). At Phonebot, you can find iPhone XR models priced in the range of $349 to $579 AUD.
How big is an iPhone XR in inches?
The iPhone XR has a screen size of 6.1 inches.
Does the iPhone X or XR have better battery life?
The iPhone XR generally has better battery life compared to the iPhone X.
Is the refurbished iPhone XR a good value compared to newer models?
The refurbished iPhone XR offers exceptional value compared to newer models. With its advanced features, lower price point, and impressive performance, the iPhone XR is a smart choice for those looking for a budget-friendly yet powerful option.