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Apple iPhone 13 Price

Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max 5G (1TB) [Grade A]
Apple iPhone 13 Pro 5G (512GB) [Like New]
Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max 5G (256GB) [Like New]
Apple iPhone 13 Pro 5G (256GB) [Grade B]
Apple iPhone 13 Pro 5G (128GB) [Grade A]
Apple iPhone 13 Mini 5G (512GB) [Like New]
Apple iPhone 13 Mini 5G (256GB) [Like New]
Apple iPhone 13 Mini 5G (512GB) [Grade B]
Apple iPhone 13 Mini 5G (128GB) [Like New]
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Apple iPhone 13 Price

Apple takes everyone's breath away every year with its new range, and the iPhone 13 series managed to gain the attention of millions. Despite costing thousands of dollars, the iPhone 13 price seems okay when you look at the amazing camera and A15 bionic process. So, we have the details if you want more details about the Apple iPhone 13 price in Australia!

Apple iPhone 13 Series Pricing

The iPhone 13 price in Australia differs with every model and storage variant. To give you a general idea about the Apple iPhone 13 refurbished, we have added a few bullets below;

  • iPhone 13 Mini:

    • 128GB: From A$859

    • 256GB: From A$1,019

    • 512GB: From A$1,229

  • iPhone 13:

    • 128GB: From A$889

    • 256GB: From A$1,079

    • 512GB: From A$1,229

  • iPhone 13 Pro:

    • 128GB: From A$1,189

    • 256GB: From A$1,199

    • 512GB: From A$1,349

  • iPhone 13 Pro Max:

    • 128GB: From A$1,229

    • 256GB: From A$1,369

    • 512GB: From A$1,279

Best iPhone 13 Model for Value

Choosing the perfect iPhone from the four models in the iPhone 13 line-up can be quite a decision. Many prefer the affordability of the iPhone 12 Mini as opposed to going for iPhone 13. However, we have a suggestion that not only fits your budget but also offers exceptional value – consider a refurbished iPhone 13 Pro. In the same price range, you can enjoy a triple-lens camera for stunning videos and photos, a 120Hz display for seamless gaming and scrolling, and the fastest chip for unbeatable responsiveness. It's an opportunity to snag incredible iPhone deals you won't want to miss.

Affordable Refurbished iPhones at Phonebot:

At Phonebot, we understand the importance of affordability without compromising on quality. That's why we offer a fantastic selection of refurbished iPhone 13 models at amazing prices. Our certified refurbished iPhones undergo rigorous testing and quality assurance processes, ensuring they meet the highest standards before reaching our customers.

When you choose a refurbished iPhone 13 from Phonebot, you benefit from significant cost savings compared to buying a brand new one. Plus, you're making an eco-conscious choice by extending the life of pre-owned devices. Explore our range of refurbished iPhone 13 models and enjoy premium features without the premium price tag.

Frequently Asked Questions

iPhone 13 versus iPhone 13 Pro, which should you choose?
iPhone 13 Pro is recommended for a brighter and bigger display because it has ProMotion. In addition, the Telephoto lens promises an improved camera system, and the battery life is over 22 hours compared to the iPhone 13, which has 19 hours of battery.
How much is the iPhone 13 in AUD?
The prices depend on the storage variant. iPhone 13 128GB price at Phonebot is A$889 while iPhone 13 512GB price in Australia is A$1,199. On the contrary, the 256GB model costs A$1,079.
Should you switch to the iPhone 13?
Yes, you can switch to the iPhone 13 from the previous models if you like better pictures and a faster processor.
I've questions regarding my order; who can I contact?
You can contact customer support at Phonebot, as we have 24/7 customer support available to answer your queries.