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Cheap Refurbished iPhone XS Max

Apple iPhone XS Max (256GB) [Grade A]
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Best in condition and available in different grades, Phonebot's cheap refurbished iPhone XS Max is ready to provide you with a seamless smartphone experience.

Apple launched the first-of-its-kind iPhone with a big screen size of 6.5 inches in 2018, the iPhone XS Max. Thanks to the tapered edges, it is comfortable to keep in hand due to its thin size.

This smartphone stole the attention of gamers and media lovers due to its screen size and resolution. Ultra-slim and stylish in body, the iPhone XS Max comes with stunning features leveraging a user-friendly experience.

The phone looks similar to the iPhone x in design and comes in vivid color options. It encapsulates IP68 water-resistant technology, supports 3D face recognition and Animoji, and comes with splendid wireless charging capability.

The giant battery offers a longer lifetime compared to the iPhone X, so you can enjoy your favorite shows or games all day long. The camera features a monster dual-lens with smart HDR mode to capture the best moments of your life with an incredibly awesome camera.

You can find the best cheap refurbished iPhone XS Max price at Phonebot for various grades, starting at around $500 AUD.

Get A Refurbished iPhone XS Max At Amazing Prices

The idea of the iPhone XS Max being refurbished comes with the dedication to possess an iPhone when you look for it on a budget. A smartphone that encompasses all your desired features and its available in the best condition becomes a no-brainer choice when it comes to buying an iPhone on a budget.

The phone comes with an A12 Bionic chip and a mighty neural engine to support extensive gaming and augmented reality. The 4-core Apple GPU Graphics is a cherry on top for the best resolution. Apple has built the iPhone XS Max on iOS 12, and it can be upgraded to iOS 17.

It comes with a dual-lens camera of 12MP sensors capable of 2X optical zoom backed by a quad-LED dual-tone flash. The camera features a Smart HDR mode and supports the recording of 4K videos at various fps (frames per second) rates.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an iPhone XS Max worth now?
The current value of the iPhone XS Max can vary based on its condition, storage capacity, and market demand. At Phonebot, prices typically range from AU$520 to AU$650, offering a blend of quality and value.
What is the lowest price of iPhone XS Max 256GB?
it's best to check the website for current deals and offers, but prices are competitive and typically fall within the AU$550 to AU$650 range depending on the range and condition of the phone
How does the iPhone XS Max compare to other iPhone models?
The iPhone XS Max boasts one of the largest displays in the iPhone lineup and offers exceptional performance considering it's time of launch.
Is it worth buying a refurbished iPhone XS?
Absolutely! A refurbished iPhone XS, especially when sourced from trusted retailers like Phonebot, offers you the performance and features of the iPhone XS at a fraction of the price of a new one. Plus, with Phonebot, you get up to 12 months warranty for added peace of mind.