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Apple iPhone 8 Plus (128GB) [Grade A]


Apple iPhone 8 Plus (128GB) [Grade A]The iPhone 8 Plus is a smartphone designed, developed, and mark..
$479Ex Tax: $435
Apple iPhone 8 Plus (256GB) [Grade A]


Apple iPhone 8 Plus 256Gb The iPhone 8 Plus 256gb is a phone that was born with a great burden on i..
$479$579Ex Tax: $435
Apple iPhone 8 Plus (128GB) [Grade B]


Apple iPhone 8 Plus (128GB) [Grade B] The iPhone 8 Plus is a smartphone designed, developed, and ma..
$459Ex Tax: $417
Apple iPhone 8 (256GB) [Like New]


Apple iPhone 8 (256GB) [Like New]The iPhone 8 is a smartphone designed, developed, and marketed by A..
$449$549Ex Tax: $408
Apple iPhone 8 Plus (256GB) [Grade B]


Apple iPhone 8 Plus (256GB) [Grade B] Features The iPhone 8 Plus is a smartphone designed, develop..
$429$539Ex Tax: $390
Apple iPhone 8 (256GB) [Grade A]


Apple iPhone 8 256GB [Grade A] The iPhone 8 256gb is a smartphone designed, developed, and marketed..
$399$479Ex Tax: $363
Apple iPhone 8 (64GB) [Like New]


Apple iPhone 8 (64GB) [Like New] In Australia The iPhone 8 64gb is a smartphone designed, developed..
$399$499Ex Tax: $363
Apple iPhone 8 Plus (64GB) [Grade A]


Apple iPhone 8 Plus 64gb The "One More Thing" announcement took the thunder away from what was supp..
$395$499Ex Tax: $359
Apple iPhone 8 (128GB) [Grade A]


Apple iPhone 8 (128GB) [Grade A]The iPhone 8 128gb was launched back in 2017 and it was well-receive..
$369$459Ex Tax: $335
Apple iPhone 8 (256GB) [Grade B]


Apple iPhone 8 (256GB) [Grade B]Back in 2017, the iPhone 8 256gb was launched and it featured a robu..
$349Ex Tax: $317
Apple iPhone 8 (64GB) [Grade A]


iPhone 8 64Gb iPhone 8 64gb in Australia You can buy an iPhone 8 64gb from a variety of retailers ..
$349$409Ex Tax: $317
Apple iPhone 8 (128GB) [Grade B]


Apple iPhone 8 128GBThe iPhone 8 is a smartphone designed, developed, and marketed by Apple Inc. It..
$339Ex Tax: $308
Apple iPhone 8 (64GB) [Grade B]


Apple iPhone 8 (64GB) [Grade B]The iPhone 8 is a smartphone designed, developed, and marketed by App..
$299$399Ex Tax: $272
Clear TPU Cover For iPhone 7/8


Clear TPU Cover For iPhone 7/8 This is a TPU material case for the Apple iPhone 8 model with a sh..
$19Ex Tax: $17
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In 2019, Apple released the brand new iPhone 11 series, which received overwhelming feeding from Apple lovers all around the world. And with the release of their SE 2020, it’s very easy to overlook the older lineups such as the iPhone 8 and its bigger version, 8 Plus.

If you’re wondering whether it would be a good idea to a refurbished iPhone in Australia, then you might want to stick around. The home button and Touch ID-based 8 series still has a lot to offer. Plus, now you can buy an iPhone 8 Plus cheap, which is a pretty good deal for someone who can’t afford to buy the newer Apple phones.

Cheap iPhone 8 in Australia

In this article, we’ll tell you what we think of it from a 2021 perspective and if it's still worth purchasing in the Australian market. It will feel familiar to those who have used the iPhone 7 and it came with a charger inside the box, unlike the newer Apple phones. For this, we’ll have to take a look at its specs.

iPhone 8 Second Hand Price in Australia

Since you can get a cheap or second hand iPhone 8 for half the price of what you’d actually be paying for the latest mobile phones, the similarity in design is not a deal-breaker. Besides, it feels expensive and solid, even more so than the older lineups. It can easily fit in your pocket and is among the best options out there for easy single-handed operations.

iPhone 8 Refurbished

If you're on a budget and looking for a phone, an iPhone 8 would be an excellent choice in 2021. 

Design: Refined but Feels Dated

It dons a similar design as its predecessor. Since its release in 2014, all of Apple’s new releases have been stuck with a similar design. The internal components of its successors have certainly improved a lot, with the screen becoming pressure-sensitive thanks to the 3D Touch, Touch ID home button, a true tone display and we no longer have the 3.5mm jack so, you’ll need to use Bluetooth Headphones or use an adapter. However, every Apple phone that came after the iPhone 6 donned a similar look with almost identical dimensions and the 8 has a glass design which makes it feel premium in the hand.

In terms of size, it’s slightly bigger than its predecessors, yet it can comfortably fit in the predecessor’s case. The major difference would be the transition from the aluminium back to a sleeker glass back, making it a bit heavier in hand, about 10 grams heavier. All that with an IP rating which protects the phone from water and dust getting inside the phone. It also has a retina HD display with a resolution of 750x1334 pixels and it has excellent colour accuracy and viewing angles just like the iPad. 

The company says that it’s a highly durable glass, however, to avoid costly phone screen repair, it’s advised to use a case. With all that said, yes, the design familiarity of older versions might breed contempt.

Class-Leading Camera

Now, in terms of camera, it lacks the dual-lens setup, which is pretty common nowadays. Having a telephoto or a wide lens does seem cool, but that doesn’t mean that a single camera on an Apple device is any less.

It packs a brilliant 12 MP that can still allow you to take Insta-worthy photos and stunning videos. You can shoot 4k videos at 60 fps, which is pretty remarkable, and also shoot 1080p videos at 340 fps for smooth slow-mo videos.

The front camera, on the other hand, isn’t perfect but like any other phone, you can take decent selfies in good lighting. And again, the lack of an additional lens or the portrait mode shouldn’t make you think that it’s a bad camera. It has an HDR feature built-in, which is pretty handy and fast. Now that getting a cheap iPhone 8 won’t be hard, given the price depreciation, the class-leading camera you’re getting with it sounds like a good deal.

Powerful Performance

While the display and design remain largely unchanged, it does come with powerful cutting-edge hardware. It has the A11 Bionic chip, which is pretty quick. It incorporates 2 high-performance cores with 4 high-efficiency cores. It also features an Apple-based GPU inside and supports wireless charging.

As far as navigation, games, and apps are concerned, it performs pretty well. Moving from one task to another is quite smooth, it can handle almost any task in a slick and speedy manner. It might still be among the highly efficient phones around.

Excellent Battery Backup

When it comes to battery backup, this phone won’t disappoint you. Though it packs a powerful A11 Bionic chip, it doesn’t consume much battery. Moreover, thanks to its small screen, it consumes less battery.

A single charge can last you a day, however, if you’re a heavy user, you may have to charge the phone in between. Also, now that Apple offers fast-charging support, you can charge the battery to at least 50 percent in less than an hour.

Is It Future-Proof?

If this is what you’re looking for, we believe that it’ll last you for a good couple of years. It supports the latest iOS 14 and has various colour options like Space grey. Also, if you’re not a power user, you won’t feel much of a difference. Besides, some people are still using older versions of the iPhone without any issue. That said, knowing that Apple offers updates for at least 3 years, you can get a cheap iPhone 8 without having to worry much about not receiving future updates.

Should You Be Getting It?

If you’re someone who wishes to own a refurbished Apple smartphone in excellent condition or simply upgrade it without having to spend so much money, then getting it through various phone deals available online in Australia will be an ideal choice. The iPhone 8, though 3 years older, isn’t a bad smartphone by any means. That being said, if you can afford to spend a few extra dollars, then go for the iPhone SE 2020 or the iPhone X.