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Apple iPhone XR (256GB) [Grade A]


Apple iPhone XR 256gb At a time when the Android league is threatening to monopolize sales all over..
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Apple iPhone XR (64GB) [Like New]


Apple iPhone XR (64GB) [Like New]Brilliant. In every way.All-new Liquid Retina display — the most ad..
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Apple iPhone XR (128GB) [Grade B]


Apple iPhone XR 128GB [Grade B] Brilliant. In every way. All-new Liquid Retina display — the most ..
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Apple iPhone XR (64GB) [Grade A]


Apple iPhone XR 64GB The iPhone XR 64GB black Apple iPhone is one of Apple's most powerful devices ..
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Apple iPhone XR (64GB) [Grade B]


Apple iPhone XR (64GB) [Grade B]Brilliant. In every way.All-new Liquid Retina display — the most adv..
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iPhone XR Second Hand – How Much Is A Second Hand iPhone XR?

If you are desperate to own an iPhone but your budget doesn’t allow you to get your hands on the newest models of Apple, buying a second-hand iPhone XR can prove to be a great bargain. Apart from cost-saving, a used phone lets you find great deals on some of the top-selling models from the brand.

Let us talk about everything you should know before buying a second-hand or used iPhone XR and try to understand how much you can expect to pay for a refurbished iPhone in Australia.

iPhone XR Second Hand – A Complete Guide

Apple’s phones are pricey. Fortunately, there are some trade-ins available to get you your dream iPhone model at a bargain. One of the most sought-after models from Apple is the iPhone XR for its amazing features offered at an affordable price point. Apple lovers believe this model to be a better buy than others. This is because this model retains all the features of a high-end iPhone while delivering the performance you would expect from an Apple phone.

iPhone XR Used in Australia

Buying a used iPhone XR in Australia is a great decision because it lets you save on your purchase and enjoy the perks of the powerful phone at the same time. There are several ways you can purchase a used iPhone XR in your favourite colour from white, black, blue, red, coral and yellow and preferred storage space. Not only do you save a lot on a refurbished phone but also get the 1-year limited warranty you would get with brand-new devices.

You can also choose to iPhone XR from retailers and online sellers that offer a wide range of second-hand iPhone XR models. These devices are often sold at a much-reduced price from what you would end up paying for a new one. They often have quality gradings that let you choose a device with minor scratches that works absolutely fine and save on your purchase.

iPhone XR 64GB Second Hand Price

The iPhone XR packs a punch in terms of specifications combining the best power pack for an Apple device. A second-hand 64GB iPhone XR is an excellent option for those who want to experience the features and performance of the premium phone without having to pay a premium price. Launched in 2018, it is one of the recent launches from the brand and offers several improvements on the previous iterations particularly in terms of the selfie camera, colour and battery performance.

Those who are considering a second-hand deal for an iPhone XR 64gb would want to focus on two points – the performance and the condition. However, there are several providers in Australia focusing on offering the best of both aspects to give buyers some really great deals. They often run tests to make sure the device is obtained legally and offers all the functionalities as desired. The test checks the touch responsiveness, display brightness and dead pixels. It also ensures the battery life retains about 90 percent of its original capacity.

iPhone XR Best Price in Australia

While you have numerous options to acquire a second-hand iPhone XR 64GB device in Australia, you can expect to pay anywhere between $449 and $749 depending on the seller you choose. The prices can vary between sellers based on the condition of the phone and warranty, replacement and other benefits covered. Preowned devices offer the best rates on this top-selling model and let you enjoy the features without having to spend a fortune.   

How Much Is A Second Hand iPhone XR?

As Apple releases its new line of iPhone 11 this year, it no longer sells iPhone X models directly though they are still available through retailers and carriers. While a new iPhone XR is likely to cost you $900+, you can easily save on your purchase with a second-hand deal.

The popularity of this model attributes to the iPhone redesign it kicks off and the features common on newer Apple handsets. The most loved of these is the edge-to-edge display with a minimum visible bezel. Apart from this bezel-free design, the iPhone XR offers a 5.8-inch display and 12MP dual cameras. Though this model does not come with an OLED display like other iPhone X variants, it shares other features and offerings with iPhone XS and comes in three storage capacity options.

You can find good bargains on second-hand iPhone XR in Australia and get your hands on your favourite colour for as little as A$300. There are several sources you can find a deal on this iPhone handset and expect to pay higher for better condition and warranty. The storage capacity you select also affects the price you pay for a pre-owned cheap iPhone XR. Prices can go up to $660 for refurbished phones that come with original parts, battery and warranty.

Ex Demo iPhone XR – What You Should Know?

While a new iPhone XR with your preferred storage space can set you back with a staggering price, an ex-demo piece is one of the best ways to own an Apple phone without breaking your bank. Ex-demo phones are those used for display in showrooms and Apple stores and are often sold out at discounted prices once the model discontinues.


These are refurbished phones with all the parts and accessories replaced and come with a warranty just like a new purchase. These phones are perfect for those on a tight budget as you can score a bargain in most cases. Providers of ex-demo iPhones generally test the devices thoroughly before selling them to customers so you can expect desired performance.