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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is a used iPhone XR worth?
The value of a used iPhone XR may vary depending on factors such as condition, storage capacity, and market demand. You can typically find used iPhone XR models for between AU$250 and AU$450, with prices subject to change. To get an accurate quote, we recommend checking Phonebot's product listings or contacting our customer support for the latest pricing information.
How much should you spend on iPhone XR?
The price you should pay for an iPhone XR depends on several factors, including whether it's new or used, its condition, and any additional features or accessories included with your purchase. Generally speaking, you can buy an iPhone XR in good condition from Phonebot for AU$349 to AU$579. Phonebot offers fully tested devices with warranties, free shipping and other benefits to ensure you get the best value for money.
What is the warranty coverage for the iPhone XR purchased from Phonebot?
All iPhone XR models sold by Phonebot come with a warranty of up to 12 months. This warranty covers any potential issues with your device, giving you peace of mind when purchasing.