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Refurbished iPhone XR

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my iPhone is reconditioned XR
You can find out whether your cheap iPhone XR is reconditioned or not by looking at the model number. If it starts with ‘F’ then it denotes the refurbished iPhone. You can enjoy peace of mind with our best quality refurbished iPhone XR handsets.
Is Apple selling refurbished iPhone XR
Yes, Apple itself sells refurbished iPhone XR but with limited colours and at higher prices. Apple’s refurbished iPhone XR 64GB costs $499. Our refurbished iPhone XR are in excellent condition and cost half when compared with Apple stores and that too with 07 days after sale support and 06 months warranty.
How much is an original iPhone XR
The price of the original iPhone XR was $749 as of October 2019. Apple discontinued it after the launch of the iPhone 11. At the time, you could hardly find a brand new iPhone XR from resellers and carriers.
Is it still OK to buy an iPhone XR?
Buying iPhone XR second hand is still worth it due to its jaw-dropping features. It comes with the most advanced Liquid Retina Display LCD of 6.1-inch and an incredible 4K video support along with various unique specs.