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You want an iPhone, but you're not looking for anything new. It doesn't have to be the latest model, the fastest operating system, or have the flashiest camera. You simply need one that works well and has a fair price. In short, a dependable one. Your conclusion is to buy iPhone 6.

As a smartphone with reasonable pricing, you get lots of sellers that put the iPhone 6 up for sale with different offers and deals. This is great unless you don’t know how to get those ‘deals’. But there is no need to worry; we can help you with that. Continue reading to find out how.

iPhone 6 For Sale In Australia

Apple launched the iPhone 6 for sale back in 2014. And it undoubtedly became one of the bestselling Apple devices. Almost 6 years later, it is still dependable. It's old enough to be affordable but also new enough to match the features of premium phones like the iPhone 7 and iPhone 8.

First things first, let’s talk about display. The 4.7-inch screen may not hit it off with big-screen fanatics. But it is still making a hit as the perfect display size on a smartphone. And the reason is that it lies somewhere between not too small and not too big.

Secondly, the camera. In a time of dual and triple-camera settings, an 8-megapixel camera may not seem as impressive. But unless you're planning on being a professional photographer, it clicks pretty decent pictures for daily use. To seal the deal on a cost-effective Apple phone, cutting down on camera pixels won't hurt much.

Lastly, it's the performance is something to admire. For an average user, the storage and speed is plenty enough. Unless you’re into heavy-duty gaming, it can handle daily application processes impressively despite having an older iOS version and offers great battery life.

iPhone 6 Second Hand Value

You can save money by going for a second-hand or refurbished iPhone 6. The iPhone 6's second-hand value is around $159.

Brand New iPhone 6 For Sale In Australia

The iPhone 6 was launched all the way back in 2014, and Apple has stopped selling it so finding a brand new iPhone 6 would be a near-impossible feat. Buying refurbished iPhones would be a better decision, as they offer better value for money.

How to Score the Best Deal

Before you jump on the purchase wagon, here are some insights on how to get the best deal on the iPhone-6-for-sale section on the market.

1. Negotiate

It is not a new device. This makes it highly susceptible to negotiation, especially in times of brand new iPhone releases when prices of older models like the previous generation’s iPhone 5s go down. As such, the market will be filled with retailers putting the iPhone 6 on sale with different deals.

This gives you an opening to strike a reasonable deal for a like-new device. Just make sure to practice your negotiation skills well.

2. Wait for Sale

Be precise and patient if you want to score a good one. Mark your calendar for holidays and seasonal sales, as these are the ‘it’ periods for getting good deals. Both online and offline sellers offer some of the best discounts. They will likely put the older models, like the iPhone 6, on sale.

Also, watch out for stores on clearance sales. If you’re running high on luck, you can get as much as 60% off on your purchase. Plus, it’ll be a new device.

3. Check Pre-owned Goods

Getting a good deal, if not the best deal, means you save extra money. And the best way to do this is by looking into pre-owned, used phones, or mobile phones for sale. Granted, it won't be new but for less money, you're getting the same Apple security, features, and operating system. If you go online, several sites offer services related to pre-owned goods. Always make sure you buy from a reputable buyer. Make sure it’s in working condition.

If you’re well versed in browsing online, you can even find used Apple smartphones with updated insides for lower prices. These usually get the upper hand on offering one of the best deals as compared to other used ones.

4. Exchange and sell

Selling or exchanging your old goods is another way to acquire impressive deals. The versatility of trading forums offers multiple ways to arrange deals. But what’s so great about it? You don’t need to trade a smartphone to get an iPhone.

You can trade in your other electronic devices for an iPhone 6. But it largely depends on the trader. Also, try your luck with local trading if you can find fellow traders located around you. They might not come with chargers, adapters, or earphones, but what they lack in accessories, they make up for in quality and price.

5. Use a browser extension

As stated before, it is pretty old, and the average price tag has become affordable enough. But wouldn’t it be better to get it even lower? After all, deals are only appealing if they cut down on your expenses and you end up with a mobile phone in excellent condition for half the price of a new one.

And the easiest way to pull this off is by installing browser extensions. It automatically covers everything from promo codes to coupons and cashback offers across the web to ease the load on your purchase.

Final Remark

A lot of people continue to put up the iPhone 6 for sale. And as a 5-year-old device, you get great phone deals on refurbished phones from retailers all around, especially on online sites. You can get them delivered or picked up from their store. You would have options like rose gold and space gray. Just like iPhones, you can also find great deals on Samsung or Android devices But you have to know your way around to navigate those deals and use it to your advantage to buy a factory-unlocked device in excellent condition.

As you become well-versed in it, more deals will come your way. But this shouldn’t make you overlook the performance value of the phone. You don’t want to end up with a bricked phone while chasing the high of a ‘great’ deal.