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IPad 8th Generation

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iPad 8th Gen in Australia

Apple tech does not disappoint and we've seen that with the latest technology in iPads so far. Talking about iPad let's put a bit of light on the 8th Generation of iPads. The 8th Generation of iPads was announced as the successor to the iPad 7th Generation and was released back in 2020. This iPad is surely a capable device and the best choice thus far offered by Apple. For people who love apple devices would truly expect a great performance from this generation of Apple iPads as well.

The 10.2-inch iPad 8th Generation runs on the A12 Bionic chip with Neural Engine whereas its upgraded model which is the iPad 9th Generation works on the A13 Bionic chip. Considering that this is an iPad offering balanced performance, an excellent display along with some high-tech features everyone would want one. We present to you “Phonebot”. Phonebot is the ideal place to go where you can get some of the best iPad deals in Australia.

Refurbished iPad 8th Generation:

It is not an easy task to buy electronics moreover Apple gadgets. Apple seems to have high raised prices for its electronics which is understandable since Apple uses the latest and advanced technology in its products. This statement doesn't completely justify the prices though which is why we present to you an affordable way to save money and get your desired Apple gadget.

Get a secondhand or Apple refurbished iPad from a tech retailer store or website. Refurbished goods offer a similar to new experience and you probably won't be able to distinguish between a new one and a refurbished one since they'd probably look the same. Whether it's an 8th Generation iPad or a 9th Generation one if you want to save money, better to consider the refurbished option.

Where to buy cheap iPad 8th Generation?

Visit Phonebot, it is one of the most affordable tech retailer websites you'll ever find in Australia selling Refurbished Apple iPads and smartphones as well. Although there are many competitors which offer similar services such as JB Hi-Fi, Kogan and Officeworks, Phonebot's prices are alternatively cheaper and the quality is even better.

Getting a refurbished iPad 8th Generation has become much easier with this website. You can easily get this iPad at a starting price of only $549 AUD, the price depends on the Wi-Fi category as well as the variant you're purchasing. You can find the older version of the iPads such as the iPad 4th Generation along with the iPad 5th Generation from here.

Is the iPad 8th Generation Worth it?

The iPad 8th Generation offers great performance as stated before. With the best specs and latest features, you could use them to perform high-end tasks. Moreover, the display offers a great resolution which makes your watch experience even better.

With the Apple Pencil, you can take notes on your 8th Gen iPad screen. Illustrators, if they want an upgrade from their regular ordinary tablets can switch to the iPad 8th Generation since the work pace will become much more efficient and smoother. We will further discuss the specs.

IPad 8th Gen Specs

We know now that the iPad 8th Generation would be a considerable choice to buy. Let's give you enough reasons for the specs offered by this iPad:

Display: 10.2-inch (diagonal) LED-backlit Multi-touch display

Resolution: 2160-by-1620 pixels

Apple Pencil Support: Apple pencil 1st Generation

Camera: 8MP camera

Speakers: stereo speakers

SIM Card: Nano SIM-

OS: iPadOS 14

Battery: Built-in 32.4-watt-hour rechargeable lithium-polymer battery

IPad 8th Generation Wifi Only and Wifi+Cellular Models

The iPad 8th consists of both Wifi only as well as Wifi+cellular options for its iPads. For the Wifi-only models, you will be able to connect to the internet by using wireless or Wifi access. The con here is that you'd only not connect to the internet if you are in an area without Wifi.

For this particular main reason, the Wifi+cellular models are a really good option. In case you ever occur with a problem regarding the internet you can always switch to your data internet and work without any hindrances. Buy the Wifi and Wifi+cellular models from Phonebot.

IPad 8th Generation Variants

The iPad 8th Generation comes with 3GB internal storage and comes with two different storage options which are the 32GB and 128GB iPad. These variants as mentioned previously come in different prices on the website. Nonetheless, the experience of the iPad would be better just the storage would be different.

Those of you who would most likely deal with a lot of data and work would prefer the more storage option whereas for regular users the 32GB iPad 8th Gen works completely fine. Buy the storage variants from Phonebot and if you have any queries about the refurbished iPad 8th Generation then visit the official website. So hurry up and buy iPad 8th Generation NOW.