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iPad 5th Generation

Apple iPad 5th Gen (32GB) WiFi [Grade A]
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Apple iPad 5th Generation in Australia

The 5th Generation of iPads is renowned as one of the best sub-flagship iPads yet. The main reason for this would be that the iPad 5th Generation tablets had some of the best high-end features a regular tablet is unable to offer. Before this iPad, there is the iPad 4th Generation which was not bad for a tablet as it also contained some great features leaving room for improvement. The gaps were filled with the iPad 5th Generation. Anyone who has a pre-2020 iPad and is not willing to switch to a Pro model should head for this iPad instead. A lot is going on in the specs as well which we'll, later on, discuss in this article.

Refurbished iPad 5th Generation:

Apple tech is influencing the tech market with its latest technology gadgets and we all know how high-end the quality of these products is. There are always pro points to Apple's Products. This does not excuse the fact that the prices are unjustified. Although Apple products may be the best out there however not everyone can afford them. The same goes for the iPads. If you want an iPad then purchasing a refurbished iPad would be the ideal option for many. Getting a refurbished handset of the iPad 6th Generation model would be an easy way to have a high-quality tablet and save money as well. The only thing that you should keep in mind is to get your handset from an authentic retailer.

IPad 5th Generation release date:

The iPad 5th Generation was released back in 2017 and was later on succeeded by the Apple iPad 6th Generation. There have been a series of iPads that have come along these past couple of years such as the iPad 7th Generation, the iPad 8th Generation as well as the iPad 9th Generation models. The current iPad which is the iPad 10th Generation is dominating the iPads. However, the iPad 5th Generation still holds strong ground. Although it's been a couple of years since these iPads have been around they still are far better in performance rather than any other tablets out there.

Where to buy cheap iPad 5th Gen from?

The go-to place for purchasing an iPad would be Phonebot in Australia. Australians have the upper hand since they have an authentic retailer website offering some of the best iPad deals and affordable iPad prices. You can buy any Apple refurbished iPad at a crazy cheap cost from here. The price range for different variants would differ however the quality would still be as good as new. You'd probably leave people confused since your iPad is bound to look similar to a new one. Buy your very first refurbished iPad 5th Generation from Phonebot's website and check out the details for any queries.

IPad 5th Generation specs:

Following are the specs for the iPad 5th Generation model:

Display: 9.7-inch (diagonal) LED-backlit Multi-touch retina display

Resolution: 2048-by-1536 pixels

Size: 9.4-inch height, 6.6-inch width, 0.29-inch depth, 1.05-pounds weight

Chip: A9 chip with 64-bit architecture

Camera: 8MP camera

OS: iOS11

SIM Card: Nano-SIM

Battery: Built-in 32.4-watt-hour lithium-polymer battery

Is the iPad 5th Generation worth buying?

YES! The iPad 5th Generation is worth buying. With an excellent performance speed, it is perfect for anyone who wants to use it for ordinary purposes such as note-taking, illustrating etc. Moreover, the discounted prices from Phonebot are a bonus point which makes things easier for anyone who wants one. Getting a refurbished iPad 5th Gen will last you quite a lot of years which means some extra years for performance. You can later upgrade from this iPad to a different one from our website.

IPad 5th Generation Storage Variants

The iPad 5th Generation has an internal storage of 2GB RAM and two different storage variants of 32GB and 128 GB. Both these variants have different pricing for them on the website and are sorted according to the different grades. These variants also come along with Wifi as well as Wifi+cellular models and are distinguished from each other. Check out Phonebot's website for any further details about the storage options.