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iPad 4th Generation

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iPad 4th Generation in Australia

Are you hungry for a nonpareil, sensational, and multi-tasking tablet computer that can fulfill your desires for exemplary performance and boating specs? You are jaded with utilizing three different devices altogether. Unfortunately, your search spree has made you realize that every newfangled product lies out of your budget!

PhoneBot is here to save the day! We are illustrating Apple's unexcelled, divine iPad 4th Generation that is making a splash in the entire market. Buy an iPad right now at the lowest prices from our online store and indulge yourself in the never-ending delight of using the iPad 4th generation!

Refurbished iPad 4th Generation

We are providing the best quality, refurbished iPad 4th generation in a pristine state. Our quality and prices are second to none and will leave you awestruck with every single use.

The iPad 5th generation has been in great demand being the best sub-flagship tablet. Furthermore, the iPad 9th generation steals the limelight altogether by stepping in the game. Its modern features are the reason why people are splurging over this tablet computer. We recommend you buy the iPad that is better suited to your budget!

iPad 4th Generation release date

The iPad 4th Generation was released in 35 countries on 2nd November 2012 initially. It was later launched in December in 10 other countries like Brazil, China, and India.

Where to buy cheap iPad 4th Generation?

PhoneBot appeases your needs and wants by offering Apple's refurbished iPads at rock-bottom prices. We offer the best iPad deals on our website to clear the way for our respectable customers by making high-budget gadgets accessible to them.

A multitude of other decent websites like JB Hi-fi, Kogan, Reebelo, and the Good Guys have been selling the iPad 4th Generation at satisfactory prices but PhoneBot conquers the trophy by providing refurbished iPad 4th generation at unbelievably low prices.

Is iPad 4th Generation still good in 2024?

The iPad 4th Generation might seem to be outmoded but in our opinion, it is still a valuable, potent, and brilliant tablet computer. It is the right fit for you especially if you are running low on cash.

The iPad 4th Generation is still going to meet your needs if you are willing to let go of some of the modern specs of the latest models. We believe it is the best-value tablet computer one can buy, considering its supersonic, turbo performance, superb processor, and everlasting battery life!

iPad 4th Generation Specifications

The iPad 4th Generation's remarkable performance has led several users to neglect all the other identical products and instantly hop onto this fascinating tablet computer. Here's why:

Display: 9.7 inch IPS LCD

Memory: 1GB RAM

Storage: 16GB RAM(configurable up to 128GB RAM)

Camera: Single 5MP camera

Battery: Li-Po 11560 mAh

The iPad 4th generation has two mind-blowing models that have been selling like crazy. We are about to unveil some of the special specs of these models that make them stand out!

iPad 4th Generation– Wi-fi only

Let's discover some of the astonishing features of this model:

Weight: 1.44 pounds

Wireless and cellular: Bluetooth 4.0 wireless technology

Power: Up to 10 hours of surfing the web on Wi-Fi

Input/Output: No Micro-SIM card tray

Location: Wi-Fi, Digital compass

iPad 4th Generation– Wi-fi + Cellular

Want to hear some of the fascinating features of this model? Join us and explore the fun specs of the Wi-fi + cellular model:

Weight: 1.46 pounds

Wireless and cellular: Model A1459 (LTE Bands 4 and 17) and Model A1460 (LTE Bands 1, 3, 5, 13, 25)

Power: Up to 10 hours of surfing the web on Wi-Fi and up to 9 hours of surfing the web using a cellular data network

Input/Output: Micro-SIM card tray available

Location: Wi-Fi, Digital compass, Assisted GPS and GLONASS, Cellular

iPad 6th Generation– 32GB

The iPad 6th Generation's first storage option is 32GB. It is perfect for basic use. Suppose you are looking for a cheap gadget that can be utilized efficiently for going through your emails, reading books, surfing casually through the internet, and streaming videos. In that case, its small yet sufficient storage is ideal for you!

iPad 6th Generation– 128GB

The iPad 6th Generation comprising 128GB storage is still a smashing purchase, even in 2024! The ample, extensive storage space satisfies all your desires to download oodles of applications, video games, and movies and click a gazillion pictures. It is a powerful iPad that supports all your activity, no matter how much it is!

So hurry and find out more about iPad 6th Generation. Moreover, PhoneBot also has the iPad 7th generation and the iPad 8th generation that have been stamping the mark in the market. Go get them now!