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Samsung Galaxy Fold

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What is the latest Samsung Galaxy Fold?

The Samsung Galaxy Fold Series line of smartphones has been getting pretty much attention lately. The phones convert into mini tablets which you can easily carry around easily instead of a large tablet. The latest Fold phone which is the Z Fold 4 has been grabbing the spotlight a lot.

Samsung Z Fold 4

Released recently in September 2022, the Samsung Z Fold 4 grasped the attention of many tech users due to its enhanced features, brighter main display, and a new taskbar that improves multitasking. It has become quite a hit from its predecessor.

Samsung Z Fold 4 price in Australia

Although many conflicts from the previous phones were resolved with this phone, the price issue still remains. The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 price is higher as compared to Fold 3. We offer you a solution. Buy a secondhand Z Fold 4, or a refurbished handset from Phonebot at an unbelievably cheap price.

Samsung Z Fold 3

The refurbished Samsung Z Fold 3 has still been one of the best foldable phones created by Samsung due to its incredible high-tech features. Although its upgrade phone came out. The Z Fold 3 which was released in 2021 still is considered the finest foldable phone ever.

Samsung Z Fold 3 price in Australia:

What is the price of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 In Australia? The Samsung Fold 3 price starts at $949 AUD. Many retail tech sites such as JB Hi-Fi, Officeworks, etc. offer you refurbished handsets at a good price. However, Phonebot's prices are much lower with exceptional customer service along with after-sales service.

Samsung Z Fold in Australia - Should You Buy It?

Samsung unveiled the Z Fold back in 2019 and made our expectations a reality with the device. The Z Fold features a top of the line screen and other specifications. People have been waiting for a phone like this for years but the reason they didn't buy it at launch was the price. It was priced at a staggering $2000+ at launch and not many people can buy a $2000+ phone.
All that has changed with the availability of refurbished Samsung phones in Australia, they offer the same top-notch performance but a more reasonable price. So, if you have been eyeing the Samsung Z Fold, now is the time. Let's discuss the Z Folds available in Australia, their pricing, specification and other details.

Samsung Z Fold 2

The Samsung Z Fold 2 was launched a year after the original Z Fold, it is a successor to the Z Fold and Samsung has made improvements and upgrades to the device to make it feel more ‘complete'. Unlike the original Z Fold, the Z Fold 2 has a slightly bigger display coming in at 7.6-inch and 6.23-inch and it has a Foldable Dynamic AMOLED 2X which supports up to 120hz and HDR10+.
It is powered by Qualcomm's Snapdragon 865 chipset and has a triple camera setup on the back and a dual-camera setup at the front of the device.

Samsung Z Fold 2 Price in Australia

You can buy a Samsung Z Fold in Australia in various grades, the price depends on the Grade you choose. The price of a Samsung Z Fold 2 in Australia starts at $689 and the price of Samsung galaxy z flip is $549. It offers even better value than it did at the launch.

Samsung Z Fold

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold has a dual-screen, it has a 7.3-inch Foldable Dynamic AMOLED display that supports HDR10+ and a 4.6 inch Super AMOLED display with a resolution of 720 x 1680. It is powered by Qualcomm's Snapdragon 855 processor. The Z Fold has a triple camera setup on the back, it has a 12 megapixel wide, 12-megapixel telephoto and a 16-megapixel ultra-wide camera. It also has a dual-camera setup at the front with a 10 megapixel and an 8-megapixel camera lens.
The performance and camera performance is excellent and the screen size is a treat for media consumption. And the folding screen is a cherry on top.

Samsung Z Fold Price in Australia

The Samsung Z Fold Price in Australia starts at $649 in Australia whereas Samsung Z fold 3 price is $949. You can also buy the device from retailers like Jb HiFI and others. If you're looking for the cheapest price and highest quality then you're at the right place. We have a huge range of the highest quality Samsung Z Fold in Australia in the cheapest prices. These devices can get out of stock pretty quickly due to the demand.