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Best Samsung Z Fold 4 Price

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Samsung is pushing the envelope by releasing the Z Fold 4. The quality, functions, and features work way ahead and far better than the Z fold 3. The phone had many good reviews since it's been released and is receiving quite positive feedback.

The improvements made in the Z Fold 4 have brought quite a lot of attention. Not only an improved display, but a new snapdragon 8+ Gen1 makes the experience even better.

It is an advanced phone that lives up to its reputation and purchasing the new Samsung Z Fold 4 excels the budget for many people. You might be wondering how you can buy one at an affordable price. Well, worry not folks.

Phonebot offers you a refurbished Samsung Galaxy Fold 4 at a budget-friendly price. You can get an amazing discount by purchasing your first Z fold 4 from here, so visit the website now.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 price in Australia:

What is the price of the Samsung Galaxy Fold 4 2024? The price of a Samsung Galaxy Fold 4 in Australia costs around $2,499AUD. The phone has been quite pricey since its launch.

It has been undoubtedly one of the best gaming smartphones with shoulder buttons and triggers. Moreover, the sheer size of the screen adds to its features. 

Many people are waiting for the price to drop since it's a way out-of-league phone. The easier option is to get a second-hand one or a refurbished one to explore the features momentarily as well.

You can get it on other Australian tech retailer sites such as JB Hi-Fi, and Officeworks as well since they also provide good deals and prices, but Phonebot can make you save some extra money too.

Samsung Fold 4 release date in Australia:

The new Samsung Fold 4 is said to be released on September 2, 2024, in Australia. There has been quite the hype and a lot of excitement for Samsung's fold and Samsung Z flip phones due to their unique design and capabilities.

People have been very skeptical as to what this phone offers and what upgrade this model made to make it different from the Samsung Z Fold 3.

It is rumored that this phone might be topping the previous Samsung Z Fold phones since its ultimate goal was to overcome the shortcomings of those phones. Therefore, most people have already lined up to purchase the phone.

Samsung Galaxy Z folds 4 battery life:

If you are wondering what the battery life for the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 2024 is? The average battery life is about 8 hours and 15 minutes of screen-on-time just as its predecessor, with a high refresh rate, turned on, and a bit shorter endurance of about 7 hours when you are streaming YouTube videos, etc.

The phone has a Li-Po 4400mAh, non-removable battery life. It has fast charging of 25W which makes it 50% in 30 minutes. With 15W fast wireless charging and 4.5W reverse wireless charging. You can enjoy a lot of quality time on your phone without worrying that the battery might run out so quickly.

How much does a Samsung Fold 4 cost?

The Samsung Galaxy Fold 4 price in Australia is $2,499 AUD on PhoneBot. The Samsung Galaxy 4 folding phone is surely going to be different from its variants as any other phone. The Phone is said to be a very smart upgrade in Samsung fold phones, so surely that is why the price is so high. However, you still have an option available, which is to get a Z fold 4 from Phonebot.

As far as the condition is concerned, you won't have to worry about that, since all refurbished handsets from Phonebot are in good high quality and perfectly good condition. Further said, the Z fold phone would be a smart purchase given its reviews already.