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Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Anyone that has owned a Samsung device in the past will know how many options there are, and it is easy to become overwhelmed. Fortunately, the Samsung range caters for people from all walks of life whether you are looking for a device for everyday casual use or something that is tailored for the world of business.

First releases in 2018, the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is not the newest addition to the Samsung Galaxy Note Series but is still a force to be reckoned with, nonetheless.

Although the Note range has become known for its prominent use in the world of business, the older iterations of the range are still able to deliver a smooth Android experience at an affordable price point and can go even cheaper if you opt for Samsung refurbished handsets, even for those looking for a handset for personal use.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Price in Australia

Samsung galaxy note 9 was released in August 2018 as a top of the line flagship device from Samsung alongside the Samsung S series. It came in 128 GB with a 6 GB RAM and 512 GB with an 8 GB RAM variation. Note 9 128 Gb and Note 9 512Gb both have extendable storage. Samsung Galaxy Note 9 128 Gb price in Australia is $339 and Note 9 512 Gb price is $399 in 2024. As with all galaxy note models, the stylus, the large display and beautiful design were some of the more pertinent features.

Where can I buy Samsung galaxy note 9?

If you want to buy Samsung galaxy note 9 in Australia you can check out sellers like Phonebot, Officeworks, jb hi fi and the likes. Although it is an older model but in 2024 you can find one refurbished or brand new from Phonebot. We offer great deals on all brand new and refurbished phones including Note 20. Mobile networks like Telstra, Optus & Vodafone also offer great galaxy note 9 plans.

What Sets the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Apart from Other Devices?

Although there is a wide choice of handsets available for Android users, everyone has their own requirements. It's always worth carrying out some research based on your requirements before buying your next phone since not all android phones at similar price points have the same features,

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 (successor to Samsung Note 8) is an ideal device for everyday personal use, but the addition of the now-iconic S Pen means that there is more depth to the Galaxy Note 9 than that of other handsets. The S Pen allows for more immersion with apps such as Photoshop as well as allowing for the easy recording of notes and digital signing of documents.

Another feature that sets the Galaxy Note 9 apart from other devices is the inclusion of a DeX, an application that allows for the mirroring of the handset on laptops and other devices. Although there are apps that can emulate this service, the smooth transition between DeX and other devices makes it a worthwhile addition to any business environment.

As such, those looking for a device that can contend with everyday life while also offering a practical business use will find everything they are looking for with the Galaxy Note 9.

Galaxy Note 9 Specs

The phone is bundled with Android 8.1, which can be updated to Android 10 comfortably, so consumers can still be confident that they are receiving an excellent Android experience. The 6.4-inch Super AMOLED screen delivers a resolution of 1440 x 2960 and is manufactured using Gorilla Glass 5.

The premium display ensures that those having to endure long commutes or are just looking for some downtime can access media and enjoy a vibrant display regardless of where they are.

A 4000 mAh battery and 15W fast-charging ensures that even those with the busiest of schedule always have enough power on hand, with the ability to gain charge quickly should they need to.

Where to buy Samsung galaxy note 9 case?

Samsung Galaxy is a great looking phone with an awesome display which means that in order to keep it in immaculate condition you need to protect it with a Galaxy Note 9 case and other accessories such as Galaxy Note 9 screen protector. You can buy the case and accessories either directly via Samsung or via third-party sellers like Phonebot and Ebay

Samsung galaxy note 9 screen replacement cost. Is it worth it in 2024?

Samsung galaxy note 9 used an AMOLED panel which is quite expensive to replace. You should be looking to pay anywhere between $270-$370 AUD for Samsung galaxy note 9 screen replacement (part+labor) depending on your neck of the woods. All screen replacements should come with warranty for added peace of mind. Ask our friendly staff for screen replacement options for reliable and expert advice.