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The Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 was officially released on August 11, 2023. It looks classy, feels elegant, works like a charm, and, most importantly, is useful for your day-to-day activities. The notable differences between Watch 6 and Watch 5 that you’ll notice right off the bat are:

  • Larger screen size and higher resolution
  • Higher clock speed because of the new Exynos W930 chipset
  • Increase in RAM speed
  • The Classic model has a rotating bezel

But should you spend money on Galaxy Watch 6 or instead buy the previous version, Galaxy Watch 5? Well, let’s make the decision-making process easier for you. 

Let’s take a look at all the upgrades in detail and learn where you can find the best price on a refurbished Galaxy Watch 6.

Galaxy Watch 6 Features

The Watch 6 has a larger display and higher resolution than the Galaxy Watch 5. Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 44mm has a 1.5-inch screen that is 0.1 inch larger than the Watch 5 44mm. Samsung reduced the Watch 6 bezel size to make the screen even larger.

The resolution of the Watch 6 44m is 480 x 480 pixels as compared to 450 x 450 pixels of the Watch 5 44m. If you're a fitness enthusiast, Watch 6 44mm is a great investment. You'll thank yourself for making this decision whenever you hit the wheels, go for a run, or start lifting.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 40mm screen size is 1.3 inches, and resolution is 432 x 432 pixels. Again, the screen size is 0.1 inches larger than the Watch 5 40mm, whose resolution is 396 x 396 pixels. 0.1 inch might not seem that much of a difference, but it sure does help in interacting with the watch. 

The Galaxy Watch 6 comes with a new Exynos W930 chipset. This means it offers a higher clock speed of 1.4GHz than the Exynos W920 chipset in the Watch 5. The clock speed was 1.18 GHz in the older model. So, you can expect an 18% increase in speed.

The RAM speed has also increased to 2GB from 1.5GB of the Watch 5. There’s not much difference in the battery life, which is only about 15mAh.

Now, let’s take a look at the features of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic 47mm has a 1.5-inch display size and a resolution of 480 x 480 pixels. On the other hand, Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic 43mm comes with a 1.3-inch display size and 432 x 432 pixels resolution. Both have Exynos W930 chip and 1.4 GHz clock speed. The RAM speed is 2GB.

The 47mm Watch 6 Classic has a 425 mAh battery, while the 43mm has a 300 mAh battery.

The Watch 6 Classic has a rotating bezel as well, which is not found in Watch 5. Amazing, isn’t it?

Should You Upgrade from Galaxy Watch 5 to 6?

By upgrading, you get better performance due to an increase in RAM speed and higher clock speed. You will also enjoy a larger display and higher resolution. Moreover, the rotating bezel looks like a cool feature.

Since there’s not a significant price difference, buying Watch 6 at A$399 sounds like a great deal. You can also get a Refurbished Galaxy Watch 6 in Australia at a discounted price of A$349.

Where Can You Get the Best Price on Galaxy Watch 6 in Australia?

When you buy the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 from Samsung or other retailers, you won’t get a discount. However, Phonebot offers Samsung Watch 6 Refurbished in Australia at a lower price. 

Phonebot is a household name in the Australian refurbished industry and has high-quality refurbished Galaxy Watches. Buying a Samsung Smartwatch from Phonebot will give you the best bang for your buck.

Refurbished Galaxy Watch 6 Price in Australia

You can buy the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Refurbished at a lower price than the new ones in Australia. Here are the Watch 6 Refurbished prices on Phonebot:

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 waterproof?

Yes, it’s IP68-rated for water resistance with a 5 ATM rating (safe underwater for a limited time).

Does the Galaxy Watch 6 have GPS?

Yes, the Galaxy Watch 6 comes with the GPS technology.

Does Galaxy Watch 6 measure blood pressure?

Yes, but you need to wear the blood pressure monitor cuff on your other arm after installing the Samsung Health Monitor App.

Does the Samsung Watch 6 have ECG?

Yes, but you need to download the Samsung Health Monitor app first to measure it

How long does the Samsung Watch 6 battery last?

Samsung claims that the battery may last up to 40 hours depending on usage, but users have reported less time

What is the difference between Galaxy Watch 6 and Classic?

The main differences between the Galaxy Watch 6 and Classic are the design, rotating bezel, weight, and price.