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Samsung provides a wide range of watches for smartwatch lovers, and you can find different models from the vast collection. Speaking of the various models, we want to discuss the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5.

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Galaxy Watch 5 release date:

The Samsung Watch 5 is a series of wear-OS-based smartwatches manufactured by Samsung. This smartwatch was released in 2022 and remained among the best among other ordinary electronic watches.

Galaxy Watch 5: Specs

Following are the specs for the Galaxy Watch 5:

Display: 1.4-inch Super AMOLED

Resolution: 450 x 450 pixels

OS: Android Wear OS 3.5, One UI Watch 4.5

Chipset: Exynos W920 (5 nm)

Features: Accelerometer, gyro, heart rate, barometer, Natural Commands and dictation, Samsung Pay

Battery: Li-Ion 410 mAh

Charging: 10W wireless (Qi)

Samsung Watch 5: Design, Display, and Bands

If we focus on the overall outer look of the Samsung Watch 5, it still has an athletic design to it, similar to its predecessors. There is no rotating bezel for the Galaxy Watch 5 lineup. If you prefer a bezel, you should head for the Galaxy Watch 4 instead.

The Galaxy Watch 5 also has a reshaped curvature on the bottom, allowing more skin contact. This is beneficial because it can give accurate data with the biometric sensor. The display is made of sapphire crystal glass, which is stronger than before.

The Watch 5 is available in four colours: Silver, Graphite, Sapphire (44mm only), and Pink Gold (40mm only). This watch comes with silicone straps; however, Samsung tends to sell interchangeable bands in the market.

Samsung galaxy watch 5: Battery Life.

Samsung promises 50 hours battery in the Samsung Watch 5, 10 hours more than its predecessor offered. The Galaxy Watch 5 has a 15% bigger battery than before. Moreover, the 40mm watch 5 can last a full day with 30m exercise due to its 284 mAh battery.

The larger 44mm watch 5 offers a 410mAh battery. Samsung has made a great improvement in terms of the charging aspect. Now you can charge your smartwatch with the USB-C-ended charger, which not only allows you 30% fast charging.

Galaxy Watch 5: Performance

Samsung’s watches are greatly known for their remarkable performance. The predecessor model, the Watch 4, introduced a powerful chipset in the company’s 5nm Exynos W920.

This chipset was fast and made the smartwatch experience even better with its future-proofing performance and delivering power efficiency. The Galaxy Watch 5 also runs on the same chipset.

This device offers 1.5GB RAM and 16GB of storage for various apps and media. You won’t have to experience any slowdowns, glitches, or app crashes with the Watch 5 smartwatch.

Samsung Watch 5: OS & Processor

The Samsung Watch 5 runs on One UI Watch 4.5 based on Wear OS 3. This is similar to the Tizen software on which Samsung’s older Galaxy Watches ran. You could also enjoy access to the Play Store with this.

There isn’t much difference in the software experience, and Samsung seems to support this for up to 4 years after launch in 2026. You have plenty of time to enjoy your Watch 5.

Samsung galaxy watch 5: Fitness and Sensors.

Health sensors are the same in all the Galaxy Watch 5 series. The Watch 5 includes a barometer, accelerometer, gyro sensor, geomagnetic sensor, and light sensor. The BioActive sensor can also measure your heart rate, electrical heart signal, and body mass.

There is also a new temperature sensor on the Watch 5 series. These watches can help measure your heart rate, body composition, sleep cycles, and track your workouts. In addition, all your recorded data is synced with Samsung Health, making it easier to analyse it further.

Galaxy Watch 5: Durability

The Samsung Watch 5 is not a rugged smartwatch like Apple Watch Ultra. However, it has a sapphire display, which is better for protecting your watch from scratches.

A smartwatch durability test has revealed that the Watch 5’s display is better in terms of durability than the Apple Watch Ultra. You should buy a Samsung watch if durability matters to you.

Galaxy Watch 5 price

Samsung gadgets are the best at doing their jobs, and the Samsung Watch 5 is no less. This Galaxy Watch price is not cheap, it is still expensive to buy for ordinary people.

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Is Samsung Watch 5 waterproof?

The Watch 5 can stay under 5 ft. of water for a maximum of 30 minutes. However, this watch is not intended for scuba diving.

Does Galaxy Watch 5 work with the iPhone?

Unfortunately, the Watch 5 and Watch 4 models do not work with iPhones.

Can you answer calls on the Galaxy Watch 5?

You can only directly answer calls on your smartwatch with a built-in mic or speaker.

Which is better: Apple Watch Ultra or Galaxy Watch 5 Pro?

The Apple Watch Ultra has twice the memory size of the Watch 5 Pro. The Apple Watch Ultra offers 32GB storage, whereas the Watch 5 Pro offers 16GB/1.5GB RAM. Check out other differences between the Apple Watch Ultra vs. Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro.