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Apple iPad Mini 5 (64GB) WiFi Cellular [Grade B]
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Apple iPad Mini 5 (64GB) WiFi Cellular [Grade A]
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Apple iPad Mini 6 (64GB) WiFi [Grade A]
Apple iPad Mini 6 (64GB) WiFi [Like New]
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Apple iPad Mini 6 (256GB) WiFi Cellular [Grade A]
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Shop the Latest iPad mini in Australia

Get your hands on an Apple refurbished iPad from Phonebot at a modest price. PhoneBot offers you the most refined quality refurbished and secondhand products in Australia at astonishing prices. The iPad minis are preferred over the regular iPads mainly because of the high-resolution display it offers both in terms of density and more. Saying it is more powerful than the iPad wouldn’t be wrong.

 All these benefits take part in adding up the price. The price for an iPad mini is even higher than that of an iPad but worry not since you can always find an alternate solution for it. Visit PhoneBot to get to know the iPad prices, there you can also find a cheap iPad Mini.

iPad mini prices:

Phonebot offers you a variety of options and models to choose from. You can buy your secondhand iPad from the website. Also, check out some of the sales they have where you can easily get an iPad mini on sale.

Here are some iPad mini models with their prices mentioned.

IPad mini 6 (2021): with an A15 Bionic chip with a 64-architecture and embedded motion co-processor this iPad mini is totally worth purchasing.

IPad mini 5: The iPad mini 5 works on an A12 Bionic chip with the same 64 architecture but with a neural engine as well. The starting price for this iPad starts from $439 AUD from Phonebot.

IPad mini 4: With the full support of IOS 14(iPadOS), an A8 Bionic chip with 64-bit architecture and an M8 coprocessor the iPad mini 4 is a considerable choice. The starting price for it on Phonebot is about $269 AUD.

IPad mini 3: The iPad mini 3 comes with an A7 chip with 64-bit architecture and an M7 coprocessor. Moreover, it supports IOS Ver. 12. X.X. Get the iPad mini 3 at a starting price of $219 AUD from Phonebot.

How much should I pay for an iPad Mini?

It depends on the model and the variants you want to purchase. Each variant has a specific price. You can find the different models on the website like the iPad mini 3 ranges from $219-$309 AUD. Similarly, other iPad mini models such as the iPad mini 5, price range from $439-$539 AUD respectively. With different prices for the variants of these models. So do your research on which one you would like to buy.

Is iPad Mini worth it?

IPad minis can be considered as the perfect balance of portability and performance. Since it is a “mini” iPad, it’s easier to carry around. The functions themselves are quite enhanced and upgraded from that of a normal iPad, but they excel in many features as well. A small tablet always comes in handy when you travel, or just want to watch movies or videos. These qualities make getting the iPad mini even worth it. Purchase yours from Phonebot.

Is the iPad Mini still available?

Yes, the iPad mini is still available since it is still supported by Apple. You can buy the iPad mini 3, 4, 5, and iPad mini 6 from PhoneBot. Get a refurbished iPad mini from the website at a discounted price. You can find the different variants of the mentioned models as well on the Website.

What version is the newest iPad Mini?

The iPad mini 6th Generation is the newest version of the iPad mini which was announced and released back in 2021. It is a more advanced and upgraded version of its predecessors. Check out the website to buy the secondhand iPad Mini and for further details or queries.