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IPad Pro 12.9 refurbished in Australia

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Apple iPad Pro 12.9

Released in 2015, the iPad Pro 12.9 has definitely made its place along with its different generations in the tech market till yet. If you're on the hunt for an iPad pro 12.9 then this is the best place. Phonebot is the starter's place to seek any refurbished or secondhand product in the most suitable price range ever. Whether it's an iPad Pro secondhand you're looking for or even a refurbished one Phonebot is the website to go in Australia.

You might want to receive your refurbished 12.9 iPad pro any generation in the most secure and undamaged condition. Phonebot's services make this wish possible. You don't have to worry about receiving a malfunctioning product at the very least. No scratches and no severe damages, just an IPad pro 12.9 looking as good as new.

How much is an IPad Pro 12.9?

Since the iPad Pro 12.9 is still a great working tablet and not to mention its manufacturer is world-famous Apple tech, then the original price is still a bit out of average reach. Don't stress as we have offered a great solution already. If you want a cheap iPad Pro then visit a retail website which offers more discounts and great customer service as well.

You'll easily get your desired 12.9 iPad pro from any generation from Phonebot. From 1st to 5th all Generations are available. The starting price would be about $529 AUD for the 1st Gen iPad pro 12.9, similarly an iPad Pro 3rd Generation will cost you about $949 AUD. You can check the variants and grades since their prices would differ accordingly. Nonetheless, owning any iPad pro has become much more accessible with this website.

IPad Pro 12.9 5th Generation specs:

We've already explained some of the features of the iPad pro 12.9 which is present in nearly all Generations. However, there seems to be something new and advanced in the 5th Generation iPad pro launched in 2021.


These specs mainly include the immersive cameras:

  • 12MP wide-angle rear-facing camera
  • 10 MP ultra-wide rear-facing camera with LiDAR scanner
  • 12 MP front-facing true-depth camera along with a face ID.
  • It also has a 4k video recording quality

Memory: 8GB RAM

Resolution: 2732-by-2048 pixels

Battery: built-in 40.88-watt hour-rechargeable lithium-polymer battery.

IPad Pro 12.9 5th Generation price:

The 5th Generation iPad Pro cost about $2461 AUD for its 128GB, 1TB and 256 GB variants. The price if you look at it is relatively lower than what most websites tend to offer. This iPad is a considerable choice for people who are an artist, illustrators, or editors. This iPad is worth the investment since the features it offers are high-end. Getting it at this price is not that much since at the end of the day you'll receive the maximum benefit. Buy the iPad pro from Phonebot for a better classy experience.

Is it worth buying an iPad Pro now?

It is worth it to buy a refurbished iPad pro even now since you won't get to spend a lot on it to enjoy its features. It's still a brilliant model than ordinary tablets since it offers superior processing power and high screen quality as well.

If you have any processing task then the iPad pros M1 chip will be really helpful for that purpose. Moreover, the 12.9 inch offers a lot of resolution up to about 2732 by 2048 pixels and the cameras are also great. These features are up-to-date and still needed at this time. Buy an iPad pro even now since it's available on the site. Your experience would definitely be worth it.

How many generations of iPad Pro 12.9 are there?

There are a total 5 generations for the iPad Pro 12.9:

  • 1st Generation iPad Pro 12.9 released in 2015.
  • 2nd Generation iPad Pro 12.9 released in 2017.
  • 3rd Generation iPad Pro 12.9 was released in 2018.
  • 4th Generation iPad Pro 12.9 released in 2020.
  • 5th Generation iPad pro 12.9 released in 2021.