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Buy iPad Pro in Australia

Getting an iPad is surely not an easy thing since they are originally extortionate making it difficult for many to afford. PhoneBot has made the job easier for you guys. PhoneBot is Australia’s Tech retailer site that offers you refurbished and secondhand products at a discounted price. You might not initially have a very good mindset about secondhand devices so let us guide you through this.

PhoneBot offers exceptional quality goods and customer service. You can get your hands on the iPad Pro second hand without having to worry about any external factors. Many similar sites such as JB Hi-Fi, and Officeworks also sell similar products at a low price but PhoneBot’s prices are relatively cheaper. Moreover, you also get the box along with the charger, doesn't that say a lot? So after all the benefits,buy Apple Refurbished iPad from Phonebot.

Get your hands on refurbished iPad Pro 2023

iPad is famed for the amount of high-tech features. This is the best investment for people who work on a tablet with a smooth surface. Choosing which iPad you want is surely difficult. You might wanna purchase an iPad Pro at some point or an iPad mini. We’re going to wind in some features for the different generations of iPads later in this page. If you are seeking a cheap iPad Pro then buy it from PhoneBot at a budget-friendly price.

Refurbished iPad pro 12.9 5th Generation:

The iPad Pro 5th gen was released back in 2021 and still remains to be one of the best sub-flagship tablets you can buy. Despite the minor differences, it looks quite similar to its predecessor. Get your refurbished iPad pro 12.9 5th Gen from PhoneBot.

IPad Pro 12.9 4th Generation:

Going back to 2020, the 12.9 iPad pro 4th gen is the follow-up of its predecessor. It was similar in quite many ways with a few minor differences such as the A12Z Bionic chip with a neural engine a LiDAR scanner and some improved cameras. Get a cheap iPad pro 12.9 4th generation from Phonebot as well.

IPad Pro 12.9 3rd Generation:

This iPad pro 3rd gen was released in 2018. With an A12X Bionic chip, a tap-to-wake LCD display, and 1TB of internal storage. It would be considered a great iPad as well.

IPad Pro 12.9 2nd Generation:

Released by Apple in 2017, the 12.9 iPad pro 2nd Gen consisted of an A10X chip, 4GB RAM, and fast charging with the 18W USB-C Apple charger.

IPad Pro 12.9 1st Generation:

The iPad 12.9 1st Generation was released back in 2015. It was larger than all previous iPad models and also was the first iPad featuring LPDDR4 RAM.

Cheap iPad pro 11(1-3) Generation:

If you want to buy iPad Pro 11 from 1 to 3 Generations at a cheap cost, visit the website for further details. Let’s list down some of the iPad Pro 11 and all of its Generations.

IPad Pro 11 3rd Generation:

The iPad Pro 3rd generation was released in 2018. With a storage capacity of 1TB and a more powerful A12Z Bionic processor, it surely is an exceeding tablet.

IPad Pro 11 2nd Generation:

This was released in 2020. Having an A12Z Bionic chip with 64-bit architecture, a neural engine, and 6GB RAM. This iPad is very efficient.

IPad Pro 11 1st Generation:

The 11-inch iPad Pro 1st gen works on an A12X Bionic chip with 64-bit architecture and a neural engine similar to its predecessor. But this time, there’s an addition of the M12 coprocessor.

Is it worth buying an iPad Pro now?

IPad products tend to work for a long time, the functions are too high-end and classy that they work well for many years. That’s why Apple iPad Pro is totally worth buying as well.

What is the newest iPad Pro in 2024?

The 5th Generation is still the newest generation of iPad pro but there are some rumors that Apple will be releasing a new generation of iPad pro soon.

What generation is the latest 12.9 iPad pro?

The 5th Generation iPad pro also known as the M1 iPad pro is the latest line of 12.9 iPad pro-Apple tablets. Check out the iPad Pro cost and the best iPad deals on PhoneBot.