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iPad Pro 5th Gen

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Refurbished iPad Pro 5th Generation

The 5th Generation of iPad Pros came out in 2021 and can be considered as the latest and advanced series of iPad’s till yet. The iPad Pro 5th Gen includes the 12.9 inch iPad pro and the 11 inch iPad Pro. There has been no upgraded model or another generation rumored to be released till yet however, chances might occur for there to be one in the near future.

Since the iPad Pro 5th Gen is a recent tablet it isn’t cheap, especially if you’re expecting a brand new original one. We’ve come up with a perfect solution for you to get your hands on this latest iPad Pro and that is to buy a refurbished iPad Pro 5th Gen from Phonebot. This is hands down the best alternate to own a high-quality classy looking iPad Pro.

Used IPad Pro 5th Gen in Australia

Many people are opting to buy a iPad Pro secondhand or a used refurbished one since it is a budget friendlier option. If you are having difficulties finding the best retailer websites in Australia to purchase your tech goods from than here’s a few authentic sites offering similar services of selling refurbished or used gadgets at cheap.

Websites like Kogan, Officeworks, JB Hi-Fi sell refurbished products at an affordable price however, there is no doubt here that the discounts offered by Phonebot are unlike any other. So now you know that Phonebot should be your go-to retailer website to buy your used iPad pro 5th Gen from in Australia.

What is the cost of IPad Pro 5th Gen in Australia?

The iPad pro 5th Generation cost about $2461 AUD from Phonebot. The storage variants have different prices for them as well. You can check the website, the prices for the variants are categorized and divided into grades as well. Keeping in mind that you want a well-working innovative high-end iPad Pro, the price you pay for a refurbished one is just right since at the end of the day, you’re the one receiving the benefits from both sides. So, Australians should be happy as Phonebot sells refurbished goods in Australia.

IPad Pro 5th Gen Specs

Let’s discuss some of the specs which the iPad Pro 5th Gen has to offer making it a top-rated choice for iPad users. We’ve listed some of the specs down below to make it easier for you:

  • Color: silver, space gray
  • Storage: 8GB RAM on models with 128GB, 256GB, and 512GB storage whereas, 16GB RAM storage for models offering 1TB or 2TB storage
  • Display: 12.9-inch liquid retina XDR display
  • Resolution: 2732-by-2048 pixels
  • Chip: Apple M1 chip
  • Battery: built-in 40.88-watt lithium polymer battery

Similarly the 11-inch model offers similar specs with a small display than the 12.9 inch iPad Pro model. Both these iPad Pros are available on Phonebot so check it out if you’re looking for a cheap iPad Pro.

Is it worth it buying a iPad Pro 5th Gen?

Without a doubt, the iPad Pro 5th Gen is the latest iPad Pro model launched till yet. Topping the iPad Pro 3rd Generation and the 4th Gen iPad Pros, the 5th Gen iPad Pros have exceeded in terms of features, display and functions as well. Taking your entertainment and work to a whole classy and smooth level.

This iPad Pro allows you to work efficiently. People who love to create art digitally or do illustrations are definitely going to love this iPad since the work pace is a lot smoother than a regular tablet. Taking notes has also become easier for student digitally. Buy iPad Pro without any hesitation as it will work wonders for people who work digitally a lot.