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1st Generation IPad Pro in Australia

The 1st Generations of iPad Pro’s include the 9.7-inch iPads and the 12.9-inch iPads. Both of these iPads were released back in 2015 and were pretty solid iPads at that time. The 1st Generation iPad Pro-11-inch Model also created great hype released in 2018. Since the passing years, new generations of iPads have come forth like the iPad Pro 3rd Generation and 5th Generation etc. and daily innovations are being made in the predecessor models. However, this doesn’t mean that the 1st Generations of iPads aren’t worth it anymore.

We would advise you to purchase a refurbished one though instead of the original store cause that would cost you more. If you are on the lookout for a secondhand iPad Pro 1st Gen in Australia and at an affordable price then Phonebot is your go-to place.

iPad Pro 1st Generation Refurbished

Getting a refurbished iPad Pro 1st Gen would be really beneficial for anyone seeking this old glory. These iPads did a lot at their time and they still have a premium feel to them. If you still want to experience the classic functions and features this iPad offers then you should buy your iPad Pro secondhand from Phonebot.

Phonebot offers the best services better than any local retailer. They have categories for their different electronics and customer guidelines are also available. You would get a nice and fresh quality iPad without any major damage. So why not receive maximum profit at minimum cost?

iPad Pro 1st Generation Specifications

Following are some features for the iPad Pro 1st Gen 12.9 inch iPad pro model:

  • Camera: 1.2MP 720p front-facing and 8MP rear-facing
  • Battery: 10307 milliamp
  • Display: 2732x2048 pixels
  • OS: iOS 9.1

Following are some of the features of the iPad Pro 1st Gen 9.7 inch model:

  • Camera: 5MP 720p front-facing and 12MP 4K rear-facing
  • Battery: 7306 milliamp
  • Display: 2048x1536 pixels
  • OS: iOS 9.3

Following are the specs for the 1st Gen 11-inch iPad Pro model:

  • Camera: 12MP main camera and 10MP ultra-wide
  • Battery: built-in 29.37-watt lithium-polymer battery
  • Display: 2388x1668 pixels
  • OS: iPadOS

iPad Pro 1st Generation Price

An iPad Pro cost will be cheaper when you’re purchasing it from Phonebot since the discounts reduce the price to a great extent. The starting price for an iPad Pro 1st Gen 12.9 is around $529 SAUD whereas you can get the 11-inch 1st Gen iPad Pro at a starting price of only $639. Similarly, you can check the website for the price of the 9.7-inch model as well. The prices will differ for the storage variants. This is not a bad price to pay for a well-working Apple iPad pro.

Getting a cheap iPad Pro has become easier with this website so make sure to pay a visit for further details and queries you may have about the product or even customer service. Other similar retailer sites offer similar services however, the price is cheaper here for people who might be on a tight budget yet want the best quality gadget.

Is the iPad Pro 1st Generation Still Good?

The iPad Pro has more bezel to the display. Moreover, the speakers present at the top and bottom of the 12.9-inch iPad give a stereotypical experience of listening. The iPad Pro 1ST Gen are pretty decent performing tablets and can be really good used for day-to-day tasks.

These iPads can be used as your typical media devices as well and like we’ve said before, these tablets still provide that premium feels. In conclusion, whether it’s a 12.9inch version you’re getting or an 11-inch one you want to buy, these tablets would work wonders for quite the time for you so buy your iPad Pro from Phonebot now.