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Motorola Edge 20

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Refurbished Motorola Edge 20

The Motorola edge 20 smartphone was released back in 2021. This phone is said to have some decent technology to it and a lot to look for. Talking about the Motorola Edge 20, is one of the most balanced smartphones in the series. With a powerful processor and GPU, some creative cameras, and a better display. The Motorola Edge 20 is a groundbreaking mobile phone with 30W fast charging and some cool motto tricks as well. We will discuss the specs of this smartphone later here.

Motorola Edge 20 Specs

Surely the Motorola Edge 20 has a lot of innovative features and slight details paid attention to by the manufacturer. Let's look deeper into the specs of what this Motorola Edge phone has to offer.

Display: 6.7-inch OLED display

OS: Android 11

Chipset: Snapdragon 778G 5G chipset

GPU: Adreno 642L

Cameras: main camera: 108MP (wide), 8MP (telephoto), 16MP (ultra-wide), selfie camera: 32MP (wide)

Battery: Li-Po 4000 mAh, non-removable

Charging: 30W wired

There are a lot of further features you might discover or come across once you actually have the phone. Explore the different functions of your phone.

Motorola Edge 20 5g Series in Australia

The Motorola edge series belongs to the latest range of smartphones for the brand. The original price is actually not what you would want to pay since Motorola phones would be just as fine if you purchase them from retailers. In Australia, many retailer websites are offering their selling services to bring out to you refurbished and high-end used smartphones at a cheap price.

JB Hi-Fi, Officeworks and Kogan are some infamous brands with amazing customer service and great quality products at your doorstep. You can definitely check these websites out as well however, saving the best for the last we suggest Phonebot. Phonebot is a must-visit site which helps you purchase your desired Motorola edge 20 series phone in a Like NEW quality and in a budget-friendlier price as well. You get value worth the money with Phonebot.

How many models does the Motorola Edge 20 Series Have?

The Motorola Edge 20 series came out with three different models. The regular Motorola Edge 20, Motorola Edge 20 Pro model and lastly there is a Motorola Edge 20 Lite model available in the series as well. The Motorola Edge 20 series were believed to have some similar key features in each of the phones. Features such as the HRR OLED screens, 5G connectivity and fast charging moreover 108MP primary shooters. There are plenty of differences as well which differ these models from one another.

What will be the Price for the Motorola Edge 20?

Phonebot offers a decent price for the Motorola Ede 20 series. You can get high-quality and similar to new Motorola Edge refurbished smartphones from over here. The starting price for the Motorola Ede 20 5G costs about $379 AUD from here. The fun part is that Phonebot comes along with amazing deals and sales offering greater discounts to you. You can be lucky enough to land a great price for the different Motorola phones from here. Make sure to check Phonebot's website for further details.

Is Motto Edge 20 Worth Buying?

People assume that Motorola phones are rather old news however, to clear this assumption, Motorola puts efforts into its upcoming Motorola smartphones. The Motorola Edge 20 is proof of that. With technology getting more advanced day by day making many people unable to keep up with chaotic features, The Motorola Edge 20 offers decent performance for any mid-range user. Having a Motorola Edge 20 is totally worth buying if you look at it this way. Get your very first Motorola Edge 20 series phone from Phonebot.