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Samsung Galaxy s22 Plus Price Australia

Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus 5G (256GB) [Like New]
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Samsung S22+ Price

The Samsung Galaxy S22 5G Plus was released in 2022. It is an upgrade of the S22 with better features and advanced modern technology. The S22+ sets the standard of being called the most epic phone ever. It was designed to revolutionize photography and videos. Samsung is surely one of the top-notch high-end customer choices for smartphones which is why it is a bit pricey.

Phonebot has made it easier than ever to buy a refurbished S22 plus handset in Australia, and that too at an affordable price. You can easily find a refurbished handset from other similar sites as well. They also sell inexpensive refurbished smartphones but the price you get on Phonebot is relatively cheaper than the others. On sites such as Officeworks, and JB Hi-Fi you get an S22 Plus starting from $1,174 whereas on Phonebot you can get it for only $999. You can also check the previous version which was the Samsung Galaxy S22 5G as well. So get your first S22+ from PhoneBot.

Which is better: the S22 Plus or S22 Ultra?

The Samsung S series has surely been one of the best innovations of high-end smartphones so far. Each model differs with excellent features from the previous one. The Samsung Galaxy S22, S22 Plus, and S22 Ultra have been so far the best phones to be launched this year. The trio sure is similar to one another, but some key differences are making them into a different model.

People often ask the question of whether buying an S22 Plus is better than getting an S22 Ultra. The S22 Ultra feels more like a note than an S series phone because of its rounded slightly curved, and thicker design as well. So you should buy an S22 Ultra if you are in specific need of an S pen and a big display, otherwise, the S22 + is just fine for you. The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra price in Australia starts from $1299 for a 128GB variant, $1,399 for a 256GB one, and $1,499 for a 512GB one.

Is the S22 Plus worth buying?

The Samsung S series has surely never disappointed in creating an amazing high-tech smartphone for user ease. The same goes for the S22+ of the series. It is a reliable and awesome smartphone for anyone to use. Buy the S22 Plus if you are looking for a phone with a relatively large display that isn’t too difficult to handle and if you want a great camera but don’t use the zoom function very much.

Also if you want a phone which does not have a curved design therefore you should consider the S22+ as a better option. Yes! The S22+ is worth buying, no need to be hesitant since it is a remarkable smartphone as well.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus specs:

The S22 Plus has the following specs:

Display: 6.6-inch AMOLED display.

Battery: Li-Ion 4500mAH

Chipset: Exynos 2200 (4 nm)

CPU: Octa-core

Bluetooth: 5.2 A2DP, LE

With many other remarkable features you get to discover later after buying the phone, so get your S22plus now.

Why buy from PhoneBot?

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