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Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Price

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G (256GB) [Grade B]
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Samsung S22 Galaxy Ultra Price

The latest phone of the Samsung S series, is the S22 Ultra which was launched in 2022. The phone is said to be the most powerful and versatile android phone of all time. People look for a phone which would be helpful for multitasking, captures memories in HD quality, and doesn’t require any hard functions to work on. Well, with the S22 ultra in hand, you not only get a better smartphone experience but a better work experience as well because of the smooth software and hardware. The phone is an upgraded version of the Samsung Galaxy S22 5G but is far better than it.

Taking notes with the Stylus is way more responsive in the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. Getting your hands on such an expensive phone would surely not be easy as it could cost you nearly $2000 AUD. No need to worry about spending that much money on a smartphone when you can easily get an inexpensive refurbished one from PhoneBot. PhoneBot offers you great Samsung S22 deals. Other retail sites such as JB Hi-Fi, Officeworks, etc. are selling it for about $1849. You can tell how much discount you’d get if you purchased your S22 ultra from Phonebot, so check the site out for more details. Moreover, you can also check out the Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus prices in Australia.

Best price for Samsung S22 Ultra in Australia:

The best price for Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra in Australia is $1299 from PhoneBot. The price for the variants of the phone differs. However, the original price for a phone would always be high than its price on a retail website such as PhoneBot and some others. Not only are you getting a refurbished phone in excellent condition, but in an excellent price as well. Moreover, when buying the S22 Ultra, you will also be getting. T.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra specs:

The S22 Ultra being more powerful than the previous phones in the S series line isn’t just a rumor. The S22 ultra surely has some high-tech qualities which made it to be known as one of the best smartphones. Following are some features you are bound to enjoy after owning an S22 ultra:

Display size: 6.8 inches (17.27 cm)

Camera: 108MP main camera, 10MP telephoto camera, 12MP ultra-wide camera

Screen Resolution: 1440x3080 Pixels

Storage/ Memory: The S22 ultra comes with different memory variants and also different prices mentioned below:

1.8GB RAM/128 ROM: $1299 on Phonebot.

2.12GB RAML256GB ROM: $1399 on Phonebot.

3.12GB RAM/512GB ROM: $1499 on Phonebot.

Here are two variants mentioned with their prices and description:

Samsung Galaxy S22 ultra 5G 512GB (Phantom Black):

The S22 Ultra 5G 512 variant comes in a phantom black color, with excellent features such as the 4nm processor, embedded S pen, an impressive battery life, a pro-grade camera and is known as the best Galaxy S yet. The price for this phone is about $1499 on the website. The design is stylish and the color itself attracts a lot of attention.

Samsung Galaxy S22 ultra 256GB (Phantom White):

The other variant includes the S22 ultra 256GB works just as incredible as the different variants. This variant comes in Phantom white color. You can find it at a lesser price of about $1399 from the website.