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Samsung S20 and S20 Plus

The S20 line consists of flagship Galaxy S20 and Galaxy S20+ models differentiated primarily by screen size, as well as a larger camera-focused model, the Galaxy S20 Ultra. Key upgrades over the previous model, in addition to improved specifications, include a display with a 120 Hz refresh rate, an improved camera system supporting 8K video recording and a super-resolution zoom of 30–100×, depending on the model


Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G Qualcomm Chipset (128GB) [Open Box] Overview This is unexpected. Galaxy S20 FE features a colourful design, next level photography, and pro-grade performance, without the pro-grade price tag. Key Features Seriously fast 5GStream, download, and post at seriously fast speeds with incredible 5G technology, and the latest Snapdragon 865 Octa-core processor.¹1 Available on selected plans on eligible 5G networks. 5G networks are progressively being rolled out across Australia by selected operators. Current availability is limited to major capital city CBDs and other select high traffic areas. Actual speeds achievable will vary depending on service availability and other factors. For more details, contact your participating operator. Pro-grade CameraCapture details in stunning clarity with the 12MP wide camera, 32MP selfie camera and ultra-wide capabilities. Space ZoomGo from back row to on stage with 30x¹ Space Zoom including 3x hybrid optic zoom.1 30x space zoom includes digital zoom, which may cause some image deterioration. Super Smooth Infinity-O Display Experience super smooth scrolling, gaming and cinematic viewing with an ultra-responsive 6.5” Infinity-O Display with a 120Hz refresh rate. 4K Video SnapGet ready for stunning 4K video recording¹ with Video snap, which lets you grab any frame from the video as an 8MP still image. 1 To view videos in 4K quality, a compatible 4K device is required (sold separately). Bright Night Shoot like a pro, even in low light. Capture images with extra clarity and brightness. Increased image sensor size lets you define richer photos even in the dark. Single Take Shoot once, capture up to 14 ways. AI technology automatically snaps videos, gifs and stills simultaneously so you can choose the best shot, every time. Long-lasting Intelligent Battery With 4,500mAh (typical)¹ long-lasting battery², Galaxy S20 FE has the power to last as long as you do. 1 Battery capacity value of a ‘typical’ user. Rated (i.e. minimum) battery capacity value is 4,370mAh. Actual battery capacity value may vary. See user manual for instructions on how to achieve optimum battery life. 2 Actual battery life varies by network environment, features and apps used, frequency of calls and messages, number of times charged, and many other factors. Massive Storage128GB built-in memory plus the option to add up to 1TB additional storage with microSD card slot.¹¹ MicroSD card sold separately. Enhanced security An entire chip dedicated to your security. Designed to help you stay safe from physical hardware and software hacking, topped with optical fingerprint protection. Fast Charging Get back to full power even faster with a 15W Fast Charging capability.
$669 Ex Tax: $608


Samsung Galaxy S20 5G Qualcomm Chipset (128GB) [Like New] Immerse yourself in a sleek 6.2” edge-to-edge display and revolutionary triple rear camera technology for richer, more detailed images with the Samsung Galaxy S20, offering next-level power and performance to take you further. 6.2” Dynamic AMOLED Infinity-O display Triple rear camera (12MP + 64MP + 12MP) with a 10MP front camera 3x Hybrid Optic Zoom and up to 30x Space Zoom Ultra-rapid 120Hz refresh rate with precise touch response Ultrasonic 3D fingerprint sensor and Knox for enhanced security 128GB Built-in storage with 8GB RAM 25W Fast charging capability Cinematic viewing with Infinity-O Boasting a near bezel-less screen with a stunning edge-to-edge Infinity-O display and HDR10+, the Samsung Galaxy S20 offers crystal-clear clarity with richer, more detailed imaging for cinematic viewing that fits perfectly in the palm of your hand. Enjoy smooth scrolling and seamless screen transitions thanks to an ultra-rapid 120Hz refresh rate and enhanced precise touch response. Shoot like a pro Capturing pro-grade shots has never been easier! With revolutionary triple rear camera technology and sophisticated AI stabilising your phone, you can take photos and record videos in high resolution with greater clarity and less blur and shake. With camera AI and an almost tripled sensor size, the Galaxy S20 captures multiple photos at once and merges them into one spectacular shot, while switching to Night mode lets you shoot in low-light and nighttime scenes like daylight. 8K Video Snap Four times bigger than UHD and 16 times bigger FHD, 8K Video Snap transforms the way you take photos and video to give you sharper resolution and true-to-life colour. Get the perfect shot Shoot once and capture multiple formats with the Single Take feature, letting you shoot for up to 10 seconds in different formats so you can get the perfect shot every time without having to reshoot. Close in on the action Find shots you never knew existed with 3x Hybrid Optic Zoom and up to 30x Space Zoom thanks to the revolutionary folded lens and high resolution image sensor, providing you with sharper resolution and greater clarity when you crop into images. Defense-grade security Get greater peace of mind and vault-like security with the ultrasonic fingerprint sensor, pulsating to detect the 3D ridges and valleys on your unique print, and keep your private information protected with built-in Samsung Knox providing multi-layered security against malware and malicious threats. Power that takes your further The powerful 4000mAh battery automatically adjusts to your mobile habits, helping save power and lasting longer on a single charge, while the 128GB storage and 8GB RAMmeans you won’t be fighting for space, giving you the freedom to store as many of your favourite photos and videos without having to delete anything.
$699 $729 Ex Tax: $635


Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus 5G Exynos Chipset (128GB) [Like New] This is the phone that will change photography Meet Galaxy S20, S20+ and S20 Ultra 5G. With revolutionary 8K Video Snap, 5G connectivity and Space Zoom up to 100x, the way you capture and share your life will never be the same. Shots you never even knew were there are suddenly just a tap away. Our most advanced zoom goes places no mobile phone has gone before Space Zoom Zoom in 100x to find shots you never knew existed. Get closer to the action than ever before with our most advanced zoom yet. With the power of 10x Hybrid Optic Zoom and our highest resolution image sensor to date, you'll capture moments you might have missed. 8K Video Snap revolutionizes how you capture photos and video 8K VIDEO SNAP Capture crisp content with a staggeringly high-resolution video for a smartphone. Galaxy S20 5G's resolution jumped from 4K to 8K—4x bigger than UHD and 16x bigger than HD. Not only are videos sharper, you'll be able to pull full 33MP stills directly from your videos. Single Take Shoot one shot, produce multiple pieces. This is burst mode on beast mode. Single Take's AI captures up to 10 seconds in a variety of still and video formats with one tap, so you can focus on getting the best shot in the moment without worrying about how you're capturing it. A game-changing phone requires a new level of connectivity HyperFast 5G Share and stream easier than ever at HyperFast speeds. With 5G capabilities baked in, Galaxy S20, S20+ and S20 Ultra 5G let you upload and download in an instant. That means live streaming, sharing and low-latency gaming at HyperFast speeds. 5G for business Unlock revolutionary new ways of doing business. For business, the opportunities of 5G are limitless. Transform the way you operate by partnering with the 5G network infrastructure and device leader. All Day Battery Power on and on and on… Our batteries are powerful, maxing out at 5000mAh (typical). But they're also intelligent, adjusting to your mobile habits to save power and go the distance, so you can stream, game, chat and text for hours before having to recharge. Deleting is so 2019 STORAGE Store hundreds of thousands of your favorite photos. With a camera system this stellar, Galaxy S20 5G had to have storage for all the masterpieces you'll be shooting. Store thousands of high-res photos and videos or expand with a microSD card for up to 1.5TB total storage. SECURITY Protect what's yours with a massively upgraded security system. Put private data on lockdown with security that protects your PIN, password, pattern and Blockchain Private Key. Combined with the Knox platform, security is infused into every part of your phone, from hardware to software. And for business owners, Knox protects your data by isolating, encrypting and securing it. Trust your security with the security trusted by governments around the world.
$799 $949 Ex Tax: $726

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                     Samsung Galaxy S20 Series - All You Need to Know in 2021



In this guide, we are going to be taking a look at the new Samsung S20 range. Perhaps not the most impressive step forward for the ‘S’ line-up but still, a welcome addition to the family with new features of an upgraded camera, battery life and lots of power all topped off as 5G ready. You have a wide variety of options to buy from like Cosmic Grey, Cosmic Black and an infinity display.

We will also be mentioning the Samsung S20 Plus and Samsung S20 ultra specs for comparative purposes.

If you’re a fan of refurbished Samsung phones then this guide should be a nice and brief explanation as to what this new phone is all about.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Specs


Sleek; that’s the first word that comes to mind with rounded edges providing a smooth and satisfying feeling to hold. A simple design of an aluminium frame between two pieces of glass that slightly wrap around the display, thankfully those rounded edges aren’t quite as steep as they are in previous models which should lend to less accidental screen touching. That being said, it still isn’t a huge departure from the former Android models as at a glance you would instantly know that the phone was a Samsung and it still offers a microSD card slot.

There are two irksome “features” of this phone; one is that the rear camera does not sit flush with the back of the phone. I know it's probably designed that way so as to fit all the important lens tech in there but when you lay the phone down, it wobbles on the desk and it is noticeable. For a quick fix to that and something that is always a good practice, it may be worth Googling for a Samsung S20 or a Samsung S20 Ultra case as it will prevent that wobble and keep your new phone safe. But the cameras are great and the shots are sharp with excellent dynamic range, pictures captured with digital zoom also turn out great as compared to an iPhone. 

The other issue is the lack of a 3.5mm headphone jack. It feels like just 4 years ago that Samsung was making fun of Apple for removing the headphone jack in their adverts; fast forward to now and the company changed sides. If you want to use a headphone then you have to get your hands on an adapter (don’t worry too much, one is included in the box) but if you don’t want to deal with an extra wire, you could just purchase a set of $149 wireless Samsung Galaxy Buds.

There has been one more design change, you no longer press and hold a “power button” to turn the handset off. So for those wondering how to turn off a Samsung S20; you swipe down to access the notification pane and select the power icon and you can turn it off from there. Alternatively, if you need to hard reset your phone due to a crash or general unresponsiveness, you can hold down the side button and the volume down button for a few seconds and that will do the trick.

They’ve also removed the somewhat pointless Bixby button, can’t say I ever used it though so not a huge loss.

Coming in a nice selection of colours, you can take your pick of Cloud Blue, Cosmic Gray, Cloud Pink, Cloud White, Aura Red.


With a Samsung WQHD+, 6.2- inch screen offering Full HD+ 2220 x 1080 pixels; providing a sharp and crystal clear resolution. A beautifully smooth scrolling experience is offered thanks to a 120Hz refresh rate(120hz screen) meaning a much more aesthetically pleasant scroll through your social media feed and for mobile gamers, this tied in with the new 240Hz touch sensitivity, it could be the difference between a win and a loss.

Something that is a bit frustrating is that you cannot have the 120Hz refresh rate and the WQHD+ function on simultaneously. Meaning you have to choose between the faster loading picture and the higher resolution display. It was shipped with Android 10 but later upgraded to Android 11.


It is sporting 4 cameras; on the rear, we have a 12 Megapixel main camera, a 64MP telephoto camera, and a 12MP Ultra-wide. Even without the Time of Flight sensor, you’ll still be sure to take impressive pics. The S20 range also introduces recording in incredible 8K, and although you are restricted to 24 frames a second you’ll be able to export and crop without losing any quality. All of that is finished off with a 10MP front-facing camera. The phone automatically detects when you're in a low light situation and the night mode brings a great number of details in the shots.


The battery has not been drastically improved, after a full day of relatively heavy use, there was still around 20% left by bedtime. If you get a wireless charger for wherever your phone sits most throughout the day then even this can be combated, leaving you with more than plenty of power to keep the phone going. Both variants support an in-display fingerprint sensor.

You’ll get the Exynos 990 or the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 chipset depending on where you are located in the world but this fact isn’t really relevant as they are of equal power. Both keep your handset moving at an equal pace and neither cost it any more charge. All variants of the S20 Line-up support wireless charging.

Samsung S20 Price in Australia

Samsung S20 price in Australia varies from retailer to retailer. Brand new will cost you $899 from Amazon or JB HIFI in 2021 while an ex-demo or refurbished one will cost $699 in 2021 at Phonebot

Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus Specs


A little larger than the base model but a tad smaller than the plus, for which I am grateful but there are a few issues. The chassis will vibrate when the speakers are at top volume but after that, it’s much like its counterparts with no 3.5mm jack or Bixby button. And the Samsung S20 Plus 5G 128gb size is perfect if you have a lot of pictures, videos and data.


With a 6.7-inch screen with WQHD+ resolution, the only thing being that much like its counterparts, you cannot utilize its full capacity in both resolutions and refresh rates so you have to pick between super fast/smooth animation and QHD display.


The cameras in this phone are the same as in the standard; 10MP front-facing, 12MP Ultra-wide, 12MP wide-angle, and a 64MP telephoto. Not much of a difference.

Samsung S20+ Price in Australia

While its possible to find it cheaper on Facebook marketplace or classified sites such as Gumtree, S20+ will cost you around $900 in Australia at participating retailer. Expect to pay around $750 for a refurbished one

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Specs


A 6.9 –inch screen size with AMOLED display and WQHD+ 3200 x 1440 resolution.


In regards to the S20 Ultra Camera, there are a few very impressive features, keeping its Time of Flight sensor to determine point distance in the lens for one but also providing the user with a 12MP ultra-wide lens, a 48MP telephoto lens with 100x optical zoom, it's sporting an impressive 40MP front-facing camera already considered to be the best selfie camera available and for the highlight, a 108MP wide-angle camera. The times 10x zoom is plenty, I’ll lay it out for you now, anything further and you are sacrificing picture quality.

Samsung S20 Ultra Price in Australia

The most premium of the flagship Samsung S series of 2020, S20 Ultra 5g price starts from $1200 brand new in 2021 at Samsung depending upon your desired storage option. Ex Demo or refurbished will be much cheaper option and works a treat for around $850 in 2021.

Samsung S20 FE (4G & 5G) Specs

How to turn off your Samsung Galaxy S20

Its a bit annoying if you wanted to switch your phone off but the power button, when pressed for 5+ seconds, doesn't bring the "power off" menu. Well if you swipe from the top, you'll notice a power symbol and that's how you can access the power menu otherwise if you hold the volume down and power button together for a few seconds, the power menu will also show up.

Which Samsung S20 should you buy in 2021?

No matter which model of the S20 line-up you go for, all of them are top-of-the-line mobile phones with fast WiFi/LTE capabilities and can handle the trickiest of tasks with ease. A refurbished Galaxy S20 FE will cost you less than the standard S20 or the larger S20+ or the largest S20 Ultra models.

For better Samsung S20 deals, it may be worth getting a refurbished one or getting one on a contract from Optus, Vodafone or Telstra. Carriers are pushing the new flagship Galaxy S21 Series in 2021 so last year's aging inventory is on clearance especially around the end of financial year sale time at one of these major telcos on a month-to-month plan. Alternatively, you can also buy your favorite S20 Series device on buy now pay later options such as latitude pay, Afterpay, or Zip pay available at Phonebot

If you are wondering why you should buy the base model when the S20 Ultra is, comparatively, a far better phone then the main reason is the size. The Ultra is, quite frankly, huge and a little unwieldy. Otherwise, the S20 Ultra has the standard feel to it in every other way. That being said, the sweetest spot may actually be the Plus variant slap bang in the middle. Not too big has slightly better tech but doesn’t have the bulk.

It is important that you realize these phones do not have a huge difference between them if you’re after a bigger screen and better quality with a more powerful camera then keep going up in price and you’ll see the correlation is clear.