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Apple iPad Air 4th Gen (256GB) WiFi [Grade B]
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You might be searching for an Apple iPad Air 4 since you have decided to drop by here. Apple iPads are typically labeled high-end gadgets because they are incorporated with the latest technology. Apple iPads, smartphones, and accessories tend to be expensive as well. You might have to visit nearby retail stores to get a cheap iPad Air 4. Getting a refurbished iPad Air 4 instead of a new one can make things easier for your wallets. Phonebot brings high-quality refurbished goods to your doorstep at an affordable price. Buy iPad Air from here as well.

Buy the Best Apple iPad Air 4 in Australia:

With technology advancing daily, it has become mandatory for people to upgrade from their old tech gadgets to keep up with the fast pace of work. People need a good-performance tablet instead of a lagging one to finish the top job in a minimum time. IPad Air 4 is one of the best iPad to buy. Working on your iPhone is ok, but people who need a bigger screen should head for an iPad instead. Buying an refurbished iPad is a challenging job. Instead of getting a new one, wait for a like-new experience from a retailer's website. Phonebot beats every other retailer in terms of discounts. But before buying one should know the differences between iPad Air, mini & Pro.

Apple iPad Air 4 release date:

The iPad Air 4, commonly known as the 4th Generation of iPads, was released in 2020. The iPad Air could be considered a great model, especially for students. Working on the A14 Bionic chip, the iPad 4 performs better than traditional desktops and laptops. Managing tasks has become more accessible on the iPad. People who love art illustrations or creative content-making would find this iPad comparable to other tablets.

Apple iPad Air 4th Gen Variation:

Like any other AppleProductsct, the iPad Air 4th Gen has different storage variants, including the 64GB and 256GB RAM. Each variant has its price, which we'll mention later. You can buy these variants from the website.

Apple iPad Air 4 Price:

If you check the page price for iPads on Phonebot, you'll see the different models and Generations of the iPad Air available, all at great discounts. The iPad Air 4 Gen will cost you about $729AUD as its starting price. You will also be able to see a lot of sales going on, so make sure to grab yours quickly.

Apple iPad Air 4 64GB:

We already mentioned that the iPad Air comes with different storage options. People who prefer less storage can buy the 64GB RAM variant from Phonebot. The price would be lower for this variant, but other features would remain the same.

Apple iPad Air 4 256GB:

People who prefer more storage would head for the 256GB variant instead. The maximum price you'd have to pay for this variant would be $769AUD. The costs have been reduced due to the different sales held occasionally by the website, so be quick not to miss out on it.

Apple iPad Air 4 Colors:

The iPad Air 4 comes in 5 different colors:

  1. Space Gray
  2. Silver
  3. Rose Gold
  4. Green
  5. Sky Blue

Refurbished Apple iPad Air 4th Gen Specs:

Following are some of the specs for the iPad Air 4th Gen:

Display: 10.9-inch Liquid Retina IPS LCD

Resolution: 1640x2360 pixels

Chipset: Apple A14 Bionic (5nm)

Primary Camera: single 12MP (wide) lens

Selfie Camera: single 7MP (standard) lens

Battery: Li-Ion 7607 mAh, non-removable