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Buy Apple iPad Air 5

Apple has been at the forefront of designing powerful tablets with great productivity and creativity features.

The iPad Air family is a line of powerful and lightweight iPad models featuring high-end specs and tools.

If you're looking for the best iPads to buy in Australia, look no further than the iPad Air 5.

Buy Best Apple iPad Air 5 in Australia

If you're looking for a powerful, versatile, and stylish tablet, the iPad Air 5 is worth considering. It is fixed with a powerful processor, has a sleek and modern design, and is compatible with Apple Pencil 2 and Magic Keyboard.

And the good news is that the iPads is on sale at the PhoneBot store at a very low price.

Apple iPad Air 5 Release Date

Apple announced its 5th generation of iPad Air on 8th March 2022. Consumers could place pre-orders from March 11 and ultimately buy iPad Air 5 off the shelves from March 18.

Apple iPad Air 5th Gen Variation

You can buy iPad Air 5 with two different storage sizes, namely 64GB and 256GB. But if Wi-Fi and Cellular support are added to the equation, the number of variants becomes four.

Apple iPad Air 5 Price

iPad price is different for each variant. The 256GB iPad Air 5 with Wi-Fi and Cellular costs the most. The price decreases as you go for 64GB iPad Air 5 with Wi-Fi only.

Our store also has cheap iPads available in both variants of the iPad Air 5. So don't worry if you're on a small budget.

Apple iPad Air 5 64 GB

The iPad Air 5 has a basic storage of 64GB. For most people, this much space is more than enough. It'll easily hold all your favorite apps, pictures, videos, songs, and movies.

Our best iPad deals on 64GB iPad Air 5 range from A$639 to A$969.

Apple iPad Air 5 256 GB

Whether or not the 256 GB iPad Air 5 is right for you depends on your specific needs and budget. The 256 GB iPad Air 5 would be a good choice for someone who needs a lot of storage space for their digital content, such as photos, videos, music, and documents.

If you're a cinephile that stores high-resolution movies and TV shows locally, or your work revolves around creating high-quality content, then the 256GB plan is best for you.

Moreover, going with the 256GB option will also future-proof your iPad if you plan to keep your iPad for several years.

Our second-hand iPads fleet also consists of iPad Air 5 256GB at only A$1329.

Apple iPad Air 5 Colors

The iPad Air 5th Gen comes in 5 different gorgeous colors. Apple carefully picks the colors to give the iPad a premium look and feel. You can buy iPad Air 5 in either Space Gray, Starlight, Pink, Purple, or Blue.

Refurbished Apple iPad Air 5 Specs and Features

If you cannot afford to buy a new one, buying refurbished iPads is a great option. One may think refurbished devices are faulty and have wear and tear marks. But at our store, you can buy an iPad Air 5 in mint condition.

iPad Air 5th Gen Dimensions

The iPad Air 5 has a height x width measure of 9.74" (247.6 mm) x 7.02" (178.5 mm).

The 5th generation of iPad Air is 0.24" (6.1 mm) thick. The Wi-Fi model weighs 1.02 pounds (461 grams), but if you buy iPad Air 5 with Wi-Fi + Cellular, the weight slightly increases by one gram (462 grams).

iPad Air Gen 5 Battery Life

As per Apple, the battery lasts 10 hours using Wi-Fi or 9 hours using cellular data.

In the fast charging department, iPad vs Samsung tablets have a minor gap. iPad supports fast charging of up to 20W that recharges 25% battery within 30 minutes.

iPad Air 5 Processor

As for the CPU, the cheap iPad Air 5th Gen is powered by the Octa-Core M1 chip, 4 of which are performance cores, and the other 4 are efficiency cores.

iPad Air 5th Gen RAM

iPad Air 5 is fixed with 8GB RAM, a 4GB jump from the last generation's iPad Air 4.

iPad Air 5 Camera

The front-facing and rear cameras are the same 12MP. They both perform superbly in good light and capture colors accurately. The front-facing camera also has the Center Stage technology, that's very helpful with video calls.