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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get iPhone 11 at the lowest price?
The best way to secure the iPhone 11 at the lowest price is to compare deals from reputable online retailers, local electronics stores, and certified refurbished dealers. Keep an eye out for sales events, discounts, and promotional offers. Websites like Phonebot often have competitive prices and seasonal offers on devices like the iPhone 11. Check out our listing pages to learn more
Has iPhone 11 price dropped in Australia?
Yes, with the introduction of newer iPhone models, the price of the iPhone 11 has experienced a drop in Australia, as is the trend with most electronics. Retailers and carriers also occasionally offer discounts and promotional deals, making it more affordable for consumers.
Is the iPhone 11 still worth buying in 2023?
Absolutely. While the iPhone 11 isn't the latest model by 2023, it offers significant value for several reasons: 1. Performance 2. Camera 3. Up to date iOS update 4. Sleek Design 5. Affordable Pricing To learn more check out our resource pages to learn more about why iPhone 11 is worth buying
How long will the iPhone 11 last?
The lifespan of your iPhone 11 largely depends on how you use and care for it. However, from a software perspective, Apple has a reputation for supporting its iPhones for around six years. Given that the iPhone 11 was released in 2019 and considering Apple's current support up to iOS 17 for many older models, it's anticipated that iPhone 11 will receive software updates at least until 2025. So, you can expect your device to be up-to-date with the latest features and security patches for several more years.