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Buy Google Pixel 4a 5G in Australia

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Google Pixel 4a5g

Released back in 2020, the Google Pixel 4a 5G is a great phone offered by Google for people who want a device to take high-quality pictures and perform basic functions. The Google 4a Pixel 5G phone was aimed mainly at those people who were looking forward to a competitively-priced camera phone with better performance and all that on a larger display. And not to mention the 5G connectivity taking the phone to a whole new level.

Unlike many other phones having a stylish glass screen or a fancy-looking metal frame, the Pixel 4a 5G is lightweight and comfortable to carry with you. Getting a refurbished handset can be an easier option if you wanna try out the phone itself. Instead of paying a lot of money on the actual phone just to learn more about its functions, why not buy a used Google Pixel 4a 5G at a cheaper price from PhoneBot? The price for it starts from $369 AUD which is quite budget-friendly even for a mid-range phone.

Is the Pixel 4a 5G worth it?

The Pixel 4a 5G ranked second in the Editor's Choice award for 2020. The phone was worth enough making it the best option for many consumers. Furthermore, many Google tech lovers might still consider it a buyable smartphone. It had a solid battery life along with an excellent rearview camera. People looking for a good camera smartphone may still consider it as a preferable option. 

Although the phone has become older and the Pixel 5a has come out, it still is one of the best Google phones out there. Purchasing it won't be considered a bad option.

Pixel 4a 5G battery:

The pixel 4a 5G battery is great. With a Li-Po 3885mAh non-removable battery. It lasts around 6 hours of screen-on-time of moderate-to-heavy use. With even lighter use, the battery is said to last for 2 whole days at most. You can freely enjoy your phone time without worrying about the battery running out. If it runs out in any case, with the 25W fast charging it would be back alive in no time meaning you can again enjoy quality time on your Pixel 4a again.

Is Pixel 4a 5G worth buying in 2024?

Would it still be worth it to buy a Pixel 4a 5G in 2024? Considering that the Pixel 5a came out, many people would wanna buy it instead of the 4a 5G. But on the contrary, many would also go for the 4a if they want to explore or know more about the tech and upgrades of Google phones. Moreover, it is not an overly priced phone with some good cameras and good features, so that's what everyone wants right?

So in conclusion to your query yes, it remains a purchase-worthy option for people in 2024. Don't hesitate to buy one right now.

Why purchase from PhoneBot?

PhoneBot is a retailer website in Australia offering pixel 4a 5g refurbished and secondhand smartphones at an amazingly affordable price. There are many other websites as well such as JB Hi-Fi, Officeworks, etc., but the price discounts you can get on PhoneBot you can't find elsewhere. From the condition to the quality of the phones, everything is top-notch. PhoneBot's customer service is one of its USPs, giving its customers deals and sales. You will never be disappointed with an order you make. Get your first Pixel 5G 4a refurbished from PhoneBot.