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Used Pixel 4a in Australia

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Google Pixel 4a

The Google Pixel 4a was released back in 2020 and used to be the epitome of Android devices. Not only did it have brilliant features, but it was also considered a good Google phone that could do it all. The Pixel 4a has everything a phone requires, including some quality cameras (just like the Google Pixel 4) which make it stand out.

If you wanna experience the technology and features of the Pixel 4a, then you could always consider purchasing a used one instead of a brand-new phone. You can buy from many different tech retailer sites such as Phonebot, Officeworks, etc. The prices are affordable and the quality is also very nice for any phone you purchase.

Why is Google Pixel 4a so cheap?

Why is the Google Pixel 4a cheap? The Pixel 4a lacks all the fancy frills and features that normally famous brand smartphones have, things such as wireless charging and a face scanner. The initial goal was to make a phone in which you could enjoy features any other phone would normally have but all that in an inexpensive phone. This is one of the main reasons why the phone is cheaper than usual phones.

Another reason is the decision of Google to use a Qualcomm Snapdragon 730G processor instead of using a more expensive action such as the Snapdragon 765G.

Is Pixel 4a outdated?

Is Google 4a Pixel outdated? The Pixel 4a is an outdated phone now considering that the Pixel 5a and Google Pixel 6 have come out now. But the qualities remain one of the best any Google phone could offer. Although the Pixel 4a was Google's second A-line phone released in 2020, it came with three years of security updates and OS like any other Pixel phone. Even though the Pixel 4a is said to be discontinued. Rumor has it that it will still receive support till 2024.

Is Pixel 4a worth buying?

Is Google Pixel 4a worthy of buying? For a cheap and affordable price, you get an adequate performance and decent battery life. Not to mention that you get a camera that punches above its weight. You might be cautious due to the competition in the tech market. Furthermore, since new Pixel phones have come out now so you may consider buying them. But it is still worth the purchase since you get more than you can expect from a simple phone such as a well-built design, pretty display, solid performance, a lot of base storage, and not to forget a stunning camera. Now you will want to consider buying it.

Is Pixel 4a available in Australia?

YES! The Pixel 4a is sold in Australia. It is still available in many Tech Gadget stores and markets. You can get a refurbished Pixel 4a or even a secondhand Google Pixel 4a 5g from here. The customer service quality is top-notch and praiseworthy. You can also get some amazing deals and discounts from there as wee. There are similar sites that sell these phones but the prices you get on Phonebot are relatively cheaper than the others.

Buy Google Pixel 5a

The Pixel 5a also known as the Pixel 5a 5G in an Android phone was released in 2021. The 5a consists of similar features to the Pixel 4a and Pixel 5, the thing that has been updated in this would be the battery. You get to enjoy a standard amount of time on your phone without the fear of your battery running out.

The Pixel 5a is not an old phone, however, now you can buy the Pixel 6 Pro since it has also come out now. The phone still stands its ground for being the best phone Google has made and is easily available on many different sites. Buy your first Pixel 5a from Phonebot.