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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the iPhone X Still Worth Buying in 2023?
The iPhone X remains a good value in 2023 for users seeking a balanced performance and features on a budget. Its design and capabilities remain relevant for many users with a small budget.
What are the differences between refurbished and used phones?
Refurbished phones are pre-owned, professionally restored, and tested, often with warranties. Used phones are pre-owned and may not have undergone extensive testing or refurbishment.
Why buy a refurbished iPhone X from Phonebot?
Buying a refurbished iPhone X from Phonebot ensures locally sourced, tested devices from authentic sources. We offer excellent customer service, an easy return procedure in case of a change of mind or a faulty product, and a warranty for your satisfaction, among other perks.
iPhone XS vs. iPhone X: What's The Difference?
The key differences between the iPhone X and iPhone XS include the improved A12 Bionic chip for better performance, enhanced camera features, a longer battery, and slightly improved water and dust resistance. The iPhone XS also offers a gold color option not available in the iPhone X.