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Refurbished iPhone XS Max Unlocked

Apple iPhone XS Max (256GB) [Grade A]
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iPhone XS Max Refurbished Unlocked

The iPhone XS Max was the best-ever smartphone receiving many positive ratings back in 2018. It still holds a strong grounding to today’s date. Apple has stopped selling these iPhones, however, the iPhone XS Max is a highly praised phone which still runs in the market and remains an option to buy. You can get it from many different sites selling refurbished or preowned goods at a budget-friendly price.

The iPhone XS Max comes with three different storage options making their prices differ. You can buy a refurbished iPhone XS Max unlocked in great condition from Phonebot in Australia. PhoneBot gives you the opportunity to purchase your dream smartphones at a retail price giving great discounts so as to not exceed your budget.

Used iPhone XS Max Unlocked

Getting a used device often ends up having many faults and damages however, for many that are not the case. You have to make sure you're purchasing your device or gadget from an authentic site and not an average-rated local website. There are many authentic websites offering their services in this case such as Officeworks, Kogan and at the top Phonebot since the prices are more reasonable than any other.

Getting a secondhand iPhone xs can be considered a healthier option for many of us who want to experience the smart technical features of this famous phone. A used iPhone xs max would definitely be cheap if you purchase it from Phonebot. The starting price over here costs you around $499 AUD differing for its many variants.

Refurbished iPhone XS Max Unlocked Specs

You might want to know what special features the iPhone xs max has to make it a considerable option now. Let’s dive down into what this iPhone truly offers.

Display: 6.5-inch screen size

Memory: 4GB RAM

Battery: Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery

Resolution: 2688x1242 pixels

Height: 6.20”

Width: 3.05”

Other than this, the iPhone xs max has some great cameras which can take clear colourful pictures. Enhance your photography skill with the xs max. There are many other features you’d get to find out about once you get the actual phone. So, stop waiting and hurry so as to not miss out on such a great phone.

Refurbished iPhone XS Max Unlocked Storage Options

The iPhone xs max comes with three different variants, 64GB, 256GB, 512GB storage. These variants have different prices for them. A used iPhone xs max with 64GB storage will cost you around $499 AUD, a used xs max 256GB variant will nearly cost you $549 AUD, whereas a 512GB variant is about $639 AUD on Phonebot.

This is totally up to you if you prefer having more storage in your iPhone xs max, you would surely want the last 512GB option, and otherwise, you can get the lesser ones as well. The storage options make it easier for people to choose since Apple phones tend to have no SD card slots, so it is crucial to check the amount of storage your phone already comes with.

Is Getting a Refurbished Unlocked iPhone XS Max Still worth It?

Is it worth it to get an iPhone XS Max even in 2022? YES! It still isn’t late to get the iPhone XS Max even in 2023. Just because it is an old phone doesn’t mean that it isn’t an option anymore. The iPhone xs max is an immersive phone delivering high-resolution games and videos, with an elegant and beautiful display on much bigger screen size as well.

Not a single component on the phone can be considered cheap however we have already added a solution to that problem which was to get your phone from Phonebot for cheap. You definitely won’t regret getting this phone since the features and functions it offers are worth the money. Grab your iPhone XS Max today!