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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the lowest price tab?
The prices of tablets vary based on specifications and brands. At Phonebot, we offer a range of tablets to cater to different budgets. For the most up-to-date and competitive pricing, it's best to check our website or get in touch with our team.
How much is a small tablet?
Small tablets, often referred to as 7-inch or 8-inch tablets, come in various price ranges based on features and brands. At Phonebot, we have a selection of small tablets, check our website for the latest offers and deals.
Do cheap tablets support popular apps and games?
Most affordable tablets support a wide range of popular apps and games. It's always good to check the specifications and ensure they align with your requirements. The team at Phonebot can also assist you in choosing a tablet that suits your needs.
What warranty do I get with tablets purchased from Phonebot?
At Phonebot, tablets come with up to 12 months warranty, ensuring that if any issues arise, you're covered.